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French Consul and Family Wounded in Israeli Attack on Gaza

PCHR | 14 November 2011

On Monday, 14 November 2011, the French Consul in the Gaza Strip, Majdi Jameel Yaseen Shaqqoura, 44, and his two children were wounded in an Israeli attack on the Palestinian Navy site in the southwest of Beit Lahia, located in northern Gaza. They were in their home when they were injured by shrapnel. Additionally, as a result of the same attack the consul’s wife suffered from hemorrhage that led to a miscarriage.

According to investigations conducted by the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) Majdi Shaqqoura was in his home, located behind al-Nawras Resort in al-Soudaniya area, southwest of Beit Lahia, at the time of the attack. Shaqqoura was watching TV in the house’s sitting room which is surrounded by large windows, together with his relative and three children: Arwa, 9, Rawan, 13, and Mohammed, 8. At 2:00 in the morning they suddenly heard an explosion that rocked the house. In his testimony to PCHR, Shaqqoura said that windows of the sitting room broke in the blast. He and his relative rushed to protect the children.

Then a second explosion took place which broke all the windows, and resulted in shrapnel injuries to Shaqqoura’s leg and Rawan’s hand and back. Shaqqoura added that, at the same time, his wife Majda Shaqqoura, 42, and her brother were on their way to the home in her car. They were 150 meters away from the bombardment site. As a result, Majda suffered from a hemorrhage injury. Her brother transported her to al-Awda Hospital, where she miscarried, being in the second month of her pregnancy.

At approximately 01:55 on Monday, 14 November 2011, the Israeli warplanes launched four missiles at a Palestinian Navy site located at the beach, in front of al-Nawras Resort, in the al-Soudaniya area. This area is located in the southwest of Beit Lahia, in the northern Gaza Strip. The attack resulted in the killing of first sergeant Mohammed Zaher Zaki al-Kilani, 22, from Beit Lahia, whose body was torn into pieces. The Civil Defense found al-Kilani’s body buried under the rubble after approximately one hour of searching for him. Five other members were wounded, one of whom sustained serious wounds. The attack resulted in the full destruction of the Navy’s site, which is has an approximate surface of 2,000 square meters. The building consists of an operation office, bedroom, place for prayer, administration office, office of the site’s chief, and five additional offices for meetings and detention. Besides, a blue Magnum jeep and a motorbike were destroyed.

Additionally, two other civilians were wounded by glass shrapnel throughout their bodies and were transported to the hospital for treatment.

PCHR reiterates its condemnation of these crimes, and:

1. Stresses that these crimes form part of systematic violations perpetrated in the occupied Palestinian territory, particularly the Gaza Strip, which reflects Israeli forces’ disregard for the lives of Palestinian civilians;

2. Warns of further escalation in hostilities, which may result in the targeting of civilians and their property, in light of statements made by Israeli politicians and military leaders; and

3. Calls upon the international community to immediately take an action to stop such crimes and reiterates its call for the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention to fulfill their obligations under Article 1 which stipulates “the High Contracting Parties undertake to respect and to ensure respect for the present Convention in all circumstances,” and their obligations under Article 146 which requires that the Contracting Parties prosecute persons alleged to commit grave breaches of the Fourth Geneva Convention. These grave breaches constitute war crimes under Article 147 of the same Convention and under Protocol I Additional to Geneva Conventions.

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  1. Israel is not respectable, unless it is by fear; but that is not respect, that is dread. Israel does not respect International Law, nor fear it. Last week Sarkozy called Netanyahu liar; saying we wanted nothing more to do with him. Obama did not disagree and was sick of his shit too. 94% of the Israelis approved of criminality their Zionist government’s attacks on Gaza in Dec 2008-Jan 2009, called ‘Cast Lead’ that was a cold-blooded mass murder in wanton violations of the aforementioned Geneva Conventions, as well as the Nuremberg Principals against Crimes Against Humanity and War Crimes.

    That does not matter to the Israelis, except for the honorable 6% who distinguished themselves from the monstrous 94% but is not enough to withhold final judgment on what Israel is and open the discussion on what must be done to end its atrocious criminality, by any means necessary! Israel is a pariah state, a rogue state of genocidal racist like in all but name, is a NAZI nation.

    The fact that the US Government is infected with pro-Israel, that is, NAZI sympathizers; makes them NAZIs too! Look at the Roll-Call votes in congress, the policy positions of the administration(s) and the blatant disinformation of the mass corporate media, and the self-censoring complicity of the “alternative media” and you know why Israel feels it has total impunity to be as arrogantly wicked as they are. Hollywood and the print media is as guilty of suborning Israel’s ritual violations of the Nuremberg Principles, Geneva Conventions, and Treaty for the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

    Israel must be disarmed of its nuclear weapons capacity since it has threatened to use them against all the capitols of Europe, unless they can have their way. They were the aggressors in the June 1967 war, are illegally occupy stolen land, the Bible is has no legal standing, besides being mythology and not historical factual. The Balfour Declaration is not a bill of sale, is only a letter to finance the continuation of WWI to block what would have been an armistice a year earlier in a stalemate saving the lives of hundreds of thousands of soldiers from shell, shot, and poison gas.

    I am not going to write a recap of the ugly history, but must add their is sufficient evidence that Israel was deeply involved in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, motivated by his opposition to Israel acquiring nuclear weapons. Israel’s co-conspirator in the JFK assassination, LBJ, conspired with the Zionist criminals in the attack to sink the USS Liberty to blame it on Egypt and drop two hydrogen bombs on it. And of course more recently, 9/11 was undoubtedly done in coordination with the Israeli Mossad and US Zionist in NYC and Washington, D.C.

    Will it come to World War III — very likely! But, Obama and Biden, as well as Mrs Clinton, will not do other than follow in lockstep with the madness of Netanyahu, to make sure they are greased/funded by rich Zionist and get favorable press, if not assassinated!


    Comment by Bill Mitchell | November 15, 2011

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