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Israel says NO to nuclear transparency

Press TV – November 22, 2011

Israel has once again refused to acknowledge international calls for transparency in its covert nuclear program during a meeting held by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

During the nuclear-free Middle East conference in Vienna, deputy head of Israel’s Atomic Energy Commission David Danieli said on Monday that Tel Aviv would not begin talks on the issue.

“Experience shows that such a process can only be launched when normal, peaceful relations exist in the region, when the threat perception of all regional members is low,” he was quoted as saying by the Associated Press.

“Political instability, open hostilities, deep mistrust and noncompliance with international obligations are too common in many parts of the Middle East region,” he argued.

This is while participants at the gathering condemned Tel Aviv’s response, saying Israel’s massive nuclear arsenal and total lack of transparency will make the goal of a nuclear-free Middle East completely impossible.

Syria said Israel is posing a “grave and serious threat” through its undeclared atomic arsenal.

Last year, the 189 members of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) decided to convene a UN-sponsored conference on establishing a Middle East nuclear-free zone in 2012. This year’s meeting was an incentive for most of the nations to meet with Israel for the exploratory Vienna talks.

Despite international condemnation, Tel Aviv still remains unclear whether it will even attend the 2012 talks.

Israel is considered to be the only possessor of nuclear weapons in the Middle East. It refuses to allow inspections of its nuclear facilities or to join the NPT based on its policy of nuclear ambiguity.

According to a recent survey conducted by the Berlin-based Friedrich Ebert Foundation, more than 50 percent of European people believe Israel is the most serious threat to global security.

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  2. Israel assassinated President John F. Kennedy over this very issue, 48 years ago today.

    JFK insisted in open and free inspection of the Dimona nuclear power plant that has subsequently produced hundreds of nuclear warheads. The dispute between President Kennedy and David Ben Gurion was so intense, Gurion resigned as Prime Minister of Israel on June 16, 1963 and JFK assassinated 5 months later.

    LBJ proved he was totally in-bed with the Israelis during their war of aggression in June, 1967 when he conspired with Israel to sink an American naval vessel, the USS Liberty as a pretext aimed at dropping two hydrogen bombs on Egypt.

    The BBC made a documentary about this transparent act of war against the United States, and LBJ’s high treason. The video runs 69 minutes:

    ‘The Samson Option’ is a nuclear weapons threat that has no bounds. Israel is a rogue state, like the United States, and together with co-conspirators, France and Britain are the aggressors, war criminals, genocidal psychopaths that everyone needs to be armed against as a deterrent from aggression.

    In retrospect Castro was correct in getting Khrushchev to position nuclear weapons in Cuba to prevent another invasion by the Kennedy administration. In Cuba’s case is was self-defense. In Israel’s case, it is protection against the rule of law, to be exempt in its brutal racist warfare on civilian populations, and is no record threatening all the capitols of Europe, saying we will take all of you down with us.

    The Mossad and Zionist psychology is one of mass suicide. Obama is their enabler, pawn, and hireling; in essence buying the white house and directing US foreign policy.

    So, the arrogance of the Israelis is done with total confidence that it will not cost them anything, but their standing in the world community, which couldn’t get much worse, but they can prove, “Yes We Can” and WWIII can automatically follow!


    Comment by Bill Mitchell | November 22, 2011

  3. Isra’Hell is a mad dog nation and lending them support puts us on the same level with the lunatics! If they push the doomsday button we only have to blame ourselves!


    Comment by B.Benhamid | November 22, 2011

  4. Blame only those responsible for the arms build-up, the funding, political cover, and ardent defense in public discourse on the Middle East, 9/11, and relevant indicators of mindset, means, and habit.

    I never voted for, or agreed to any of the atrocities, both overt and covert, that Israel has carried out before I was born, nor during my lifetime. The “our” to blame is those individuals who did aid and abet Zionist imperialist, as partner in crime with US imperialism. Akin to the Jewish and Italian mafia. But much-much worse is Obama and Netanyahu, than all the gangsters the world has ever seen! As murderers they, destruction, theft, terrorism, treachery, greed. My apologies to the mafia for the use of the analogy, and selling bad booze was nothing compared to depleted uranium, 9/11 to unleash generations of wars of aggression that will take the lives of millions of people, as it already has; and none of them, should blame themselves.

    That would be, ‘”blaming the victim'” – identify the villains, accuse them of specific crimes, and make your judgment and poll the universal jury. It will not condone, forgive, or acquit them.

    Only way we only have our selves to blame, is for not having a real revolution. Think about that, and think about Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the hoopla of the vapid pretense of an open and free election, when the unpopular president is running unchallenged in the primaries for the nomination of the “Democratic Party” – that is totalitarianism on the party level, and what would be the difference anyhow; until “After The Revolution!” Of course you could experience WWIII and blame yourself for not pushing for full exposure of the truth irrespective as to where, when, and how! We are all in the street, on the firing line of the mind. Silence is surrender!


    Comment by Bill Mitchell | November 23, 2011

  5. This is not good :(


    Comment by colette | November 24, 2011

    • This is expected!


      Comment by Deviant | February 29, 2012

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