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UN Renews Demand that Israel Comply with Resolutions Related to Occupied Golan

SANA | December 10, 2011

NEW YORK – The UN renewed its demand that Israeli authorities comply with international legitimacy resolutions, particularly the Security Council Resolution No. 497 for 1981 which considers Israel’s decision to impose its laws, jurisdiction and administration on the occupied Syrian Golan as null and void and without international legal effect.

The UN demand came on Saturday during the adoption of a draft resolution entitled ‘the Occupied Syrian Golan’ by the UN General Assembly.

The resolution demanded that Israel immediately rescind its decision to annex the Golan, considering all the legislative and administrative measures and procedures which Israel took and will take to change the character of the occupied Golan as null and void and a flagrant violation of the international law and the Geneva Convention related to the Protection of Civilians in time of war without any legal effect.

Israel is also demanded to stop imposing the Israeli nationality and the Israeli ID cards on the Syrian citizens in the occupied Golan and to halt its suppressive measures taken against the Syrian people in the Golan.

The resolution denounced the Israeli violations of the Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, renewing call upon the UN member states not to recognize any of the measures and procedures inconsistent with the international law Israel has taken in the occupied Golan.

163 countries voted in favor of the resolution, while only Israel voted against it and the US, Canada and 9 other countries abstained.

The UN General Assembly’s ‘Fourth Committee’, the Special Political and Decolonization Committee, had adopted the resolution in November and submitted it to the General Assembly for vote.

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  1. Playing the same old broken record for good times sake!


    Comment by Bertiz Benhamid | December 10, 2011

  2. If it really is true, Thats that mean, the occupiers are been Isolated? by the international community, or theres a hidden agenda behind the UN?


    Comment by Felipe Calderon | December 10, 2011

  3. Israel should be declared ‘Null and Void’ too! It has violated the terms of its establishment by the United Nations, clearly and grotesquely consistently ever-since!

    Israel should not be part of NATO. As an American, I am opposed to dual Israeli-US citizenship! The neocons have proven the treachery in doing so with 9/11 and their propaganda outlets, aka, the MSM!

    The credibility-gap between what we can and do learn online, deduces the disinformation matrix to transparent Zionist propaganda period.

    The Israelis (dual citizens or not) have proven to be poisonous Trojan Horse; and what we see is the political class eating its shit and kissing its ass!

    Is there an anti-Zionist in congress? Running for office? On the air? Does Freedom of Speech make a sound!?


    Comment by Bill Mitchell | December 11, 2011

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