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Report: Israeli air-force attacked targets in South Sudan

Ma’an – 25/12/2011

TEL AVIV, Israel – Sudanese media sources have been reporting that Israel’s air-force launched attacks on vehicles in South Sudan last week, Israeli news site Ynet said Sunday.

Al-Intibaha reported last week that two vehicles were hit, killing four people. In a second alleged attack on Dec. 18, a car was bombed.

It is thought that the vehicles belonged to arms smugglers. The reports were not confirmed by Sudanese officials.

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Veolia Takes Severe Blow As It Fails To Win 485 Million Pound Contract In West London

Palestine Solidarity Campaign UK | December 23, 2011

Human rights campaigners are celebrating after the West London Waste Authority (‘WLWA’) excluded French multinational Veolia from a £485 million contract covering 1.4 million inhabitants of the London boroughs of Brent, Ealing, Harrow, Hillingdon, Hounslow and Richmond-upon-Thames, for treatment of residual domestic waste.

The reasons behind the decision by the WLWA to exclude Veolia are commercially confidential but the impact of human rights campaigners should not be under-estimated.

Over the last six months campaigners lobbied Councillors and Council officials to exclude Veolia from the contract and submitted a letter to the WLWA – signed by nearly 600 local residents – documenting Veolia’s direct complicity in grave breaches of international and humanitarian law in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Campaigners pointed out that:

Veolia helped build and is involved in operating a tram-line which links Jerusalem with illegal Israeli settlements in the Palestinian West Bank.
Veolia takes waste from Israel and illegal Israeli Settlements and dumps this on Palestinian land at the Tovlan landfill.

The letter also gave evidence of Veolia’s racist recruitment policies in Israel, as well as the company’s operation of buses on Highway 443 which Palestinians are prohibited from using.

Veolia’s failure to win the WLWA contract is a heavy blow for the company because it owns a domestic waste depot in the area covered by the WLWA and so should have been ideally placed to meet some of the necessary criteria for the WLWA tender.

Worse still for Veolia, this blow comes only six months after it failed to win Ealing Council’s £300m new ‘Clean and Green’ contract even though Veolia already did much of the work under the old contract. When bidding for that contract Veolia had faced determined opposition from Palestinian rights campaigners over its track record in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Campaigners across the world are focused on Veolia because it is a key target of the global Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (‘BDS’) campaign for Palestinian rights which is led by Palestinian civil society organisations.

Sarah Colborne, Director of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign in the UK , commented :

‘Complicity in infringing human rights and international law has become an expensive business for Veolia. Other companies please note: There is a strong, determined and popular international campaign for justice for Palestinians; if you aid Israel’s oppression of Palestinians your business will suffer just like Veolia’s’.

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Euromed: Israeli occupation authority barred travel of 4,000 Palestinians in 2011

Palestine Information Center – 25/12/2011

RAMALLAH — The Israeli occupation authority (IOA) has banned 4,000 Palestinian citizens from travel through the West Bank into Jordan in 2011, a European human rights report has said.

The Euromed for human rights said in a detailed report that the travel ban was at an average of 83 cases weekly.

The report said that in two thirds of those cases the Palestinians were subjected to humiliating treatment such as strip searches and intelligence interrogation in addition to holding them for hours in crammed rooms.

It said in a 30-page report that the travel ban was imposed on sick people, students, women, old people, MPs, activists, journalists, and even employees with international agencies.

It said that the IOA deprives thousands of Palestinians on an annual basis from travel without any reasonable justification and without any consideration to humanitarian cases.

The Geneva-based Euromed warned that the Israeli intelligence was exploiting the need for travel to blackmail Palestinians into cooperating with it, adding that the IOA was violating a basic human right namely freedom of movement.

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Israeli forces storm 3 West Bank villages

Ma’an – 25/12/2011

JENIN – Israeli forces erected three flying checkpoints in southern Jenin in the northern West Bank before they stormed houses in the villages of Meithalun, al-Judeida and Siris on Sunday, officials said.

Palestinian security sources said Israeli military patrols toured the three villages, but no arrests were reported. Witnesses said the checkpoints stopped several Palestinian vehicles and scrutinized their ID cards.

On Saturday Israeli forces closed all the entrances to the northern West Bank village of Azzun east of Qalqiliya preventing all residents from going in or out.

Locals told Ma’an a large number of troops stormed the village in the morning.

The soldiers completely shut down the northern and the western entrances before they ascended to the roof of a local resident’s home and started ransacking houses for inspection.

Onlookers said the soldiers claimed to have come under fire.

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