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Judge rejects Occupy protesters request

Press TV – January 20, 2012

A New York judge has blocked legal action by the ‘Occupy the Courts’ group towards earning a permit to hold a protest outside the federal court in Manhattan, Press TV reports.

200 protestors intended to gather outside the courthouse as part of a nationwide demonstration by the campaign, which is planned to be held in front of more than 120 federal courthouses on Friday. The rallies have been organized by a group named Move to Amend.

On Thursday, US District Judge Lewis Kaplan rejected the lawsuit filed by Occupy the Courts, saying the space was not a public gathering place.

However, the demonstrators say they will turn out for the rally in surrounding streets, which are not federal property, as well as a nearby park.

Move to Amend proposes a Constitutional Amendment that ends the ‘judicial fiction of corporate Constitutional rights.’

Organizers say the nationwide rallies are aimed at denouncing a 2010 Supreme Court decision that made it easier for corporations to spend money in election campaigns.

They say the decision works against the ’99 percent’ of Americans, who are distinguished from the 1 percent in possession of the greatest portion of the nation’s wealth, asserting that it robs the latter group of all chances of a fair judgment against the power and influence of the former.

Occupy the Courts is an extension of Occupy Wall Street movement that emerged on September 17, 2011 against high-level corruption in the US and corporate influence on the country’s politics.

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