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Bombing Iran: A Real Headache for Israel

By Steve Rendall – FAIR – 02/21/2012

Bombing Iran could be a real strain for Israel, reports Elisabeth Bumiller in the New York Times (“Iran Raid Seen as a Huge Task for Israeli Jets,” 2/19/12).  No one’s sure they can pull it off, what with the logistics involved:

Should Israel decide to launch a strike on Iran, its pilots would have to fly more than 1,000 miles across unfriendly airspace, refuel in the air en route, fight off Iran’s air defenses, attack multiple underground sites simultaneously–and use at least 100 planes.

Everyone apparently agrees on the task in front of Israel, as Bumiller puts it: “Given that Israel would want to strike Iran’s four major nuclear sites….”  Killing Iranians and spreading radioactive material over their countryside isn’t an issue for the Times, where Iran seems to exist only as an obstacle to Israeli strategic interests.

But, Bumiller reports, the job could exceed Israel’s offensive capabilities, raising the question of whether the U.S. might be “sucked into finishing the job.” A job she’s not altogether unexcited about:

Should the United States get involved–or decide to strike on its own–military analysts said that the Pentagon had the ability to launch big strikes with bombers, stealth aircraft and cruise missiles, followed up by drones that could carry out damage assessments to help direct further strikes. Unlike Israel, the United States has plenty of refueling capability. Bombers could fly from Al Udeid air base in Qatar, Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean or bases in Britain and the United States.

Perhaps the most telling line in Bumiller’s cold, skewed accounting of the potential risks of an attack on Iran is in her peculiar notion of what would constitute a state of war:

Iran could also strike back with missiles that could hit Israel, opening a new war in the Middle East, though some Israeli officials have argued that the consequences would be worse if Iran were to gain a nuclear weapon.

War would ensue the instant Iran responded to being bombed? This is not only bizarre wording, it ignores the low-intensity war that has been waged against Iran over the past few years, including explosions at nuclear facilities, the assassination of its scientists and the arming of insurgent groups in Iran’s border areas.

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  1. Why is nobody going to say anything?
    Let me be the first then, Iran needs to be stopped, the world can not allow mad men have any type of powerfull bomb, VERY SIMPLE.

    The Koran/Islam in the control of a Nuclear bomb is not the best mix for the human race.

    Comment by sergio | February 21, 2012

    • Of course Sergio, the people with the Samson myth are much better candidates for nuclear weapons. Along with their Armageddon awaiting supporters too.

      It’s so obvious. How could anyone possibly not concur?

      Comment by aletho | February 21, 2012

    • The article above shows clearly why using Conventional weapons in Iran will give the attacker a headache , therefore the solution is simple : nuke Iran .

      As it will probably go , the first attack will be just a Provocation and will give the Iranians time to sink an American Carrier in the Hormuz ( blocking the channel with all the goodies that comes with that in terms of Controling the Oil Distribution + other benefits ).

      If you freeze-frame right here and analyze the presence of the Largest and Oldest – READY for Scrap – US Carrier in the Shallow and Narrow Hormuz exposing it at One Minute warning before impact from the Hundreds of supersonic Iranian missiles Lining the Shores !
      WHAT General did Allow that carrier in such an Exposed and UN-Defendable position , like a Sacrificial Lamb ??
      No , it wasn’t a General but the Civilians at the Helm , Proving that the situation created is an intentional ‘chicken-game’ but with a Psychopathic intent to run over the chicken …
      Once the Carrier is sunk , the attack will change to nuclear and be done with Iran in less than 4 hours .

      So what’s Russia or China do about it ? NOTHING , but cry and complain at UN , LOL !
      So nuking Iran will carry more than just the control over oil distribution but it will SIGNAL to the world , China/Russia specially , that the ‘people’ in ‘control’ are true Psychopaths and they Will Nuke you !!
      Not like we didn’t know …

      See the Solution at , future shocking .

      Comment by Doru | February 22, 2012

  2. I am sure the last decade has demonstrated just who the dangerous, unstable groups are, never minding the fact that the most dangerous see themselves as wearing the symbolic white hat. Nonaligned will not want to be led into the maw of destruction by reckless adventurers so the risk calculators may be off by an inverse proportion to their sanity. Instead of Hitler being the lesson maybe Czar Nicholas who left for war only to come back to full domestic revolt and ignominious murder may be the story for the next generation. Is there a modern Nicholas?

    Comment by R. Olausen | February 21, 2012

  3. Israel is insane; criminally insane! It should not have weapons of mass destruction, especially nuclear ones! It would be in the self-interest of everyone, every nation; to see it rendered harmless to others and that includes itself in the final analysis as well.

    Saber-rattling is not merely rhetorically bombast, it is an act state-terrorism, an assault in and of itself, an assault on not only the 60 million people of Iran, but hundreds of millions of people who would be effected by the nuclear fallout from the nuclear warheads in attacking Iran.

    This is all insanity because Iran would not attack the US or Israel with a relatively insignificant nuclear weapon capacity, it logically would want a few for defensive purposes, for deterrence of US-NATO and Israeli aggression.

    Iran not paranoid in that whatsoever! Look at unwarranted and inexcusable US-NATO criminal wars of aggression on Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Look at the Libya, and the current covertly conducted carnage in Syria.

    Recall the vile slogans of President Barack Obama, “Everything is on the table!” and “Yes, we can!” Meaning we can attack any country with nuclear weapons, and there is nothing to stop us!

    If that was not enough, there is an ominous cloud of nuclear fallout upon and within us already, one which should have us in fallout shelters, seeking survival, seeking to preserve our DNA from terminal mutilation. But, that is not being done, and instead, insanity marches on, because, “Yes, we can!”

    Do not be fooled by the “Good-cop verses the Bad-cop” propaganda between Obama and Netanyahu. If there is any real dispute, it is not about attacking, only when!

    As serious as all that is, another doomsday scenario has gone active and demands our immediate in-depth attention and action, our health and lives; everyone’s is being destroyed right now!

    Fukushima is the problem, one without a solution, with tons of plutonium among other deadly nuclear isotopes are spewing into the biosphere and being dispersed worldwide in what is an unstoppable nemesis; a reality that goes on is near silence in the world today. An exception to that silence is an 12 minute You Tube video.:


    ‘This situation is far beyond anyone”s control at this point. All we can control, is how we react.

    The time for some type of entombment has long passed, as the fuel is now estimated to be 30-40 feet below the plant, according to researchers at Kyoto University.

    Everything TEPCO has tried to do to decrease the temp in reactor 2 in the past few days, including injecting boron to stop fission and dumping tons of water on the reactors is having no effect.

    Recent news coming out of the Fukushima plant and surrounding areas such as Xe detection and cesium levels, indicate the situation may be deteriorating quickly. Be prepared for possible out-of-control fission and subsequent large release of high radiation which will be carried directly from Japan to the west coast of the US and Canada.’

    Dr. Helen Caldicott restated the effects of nuclear contamination and its pathology recently in an 8 minute YouTube video out of the necessary reminder of what we are subjected to and its monstrous consequences.:

    Also, there is another YouTube video of 24 minutes in which Dr. Russell Blaylock gives easy advice on how we can protect ourselves from radiation poisoning (a.k.a. “free radical damage”) and a real assessment of how how world governments go about covering up the reality on Rense Radio, in a video:

    ‘You won’t hear this on any mainstream news!!!
    (Nuclear Fallout)’

    Jeff Rense: Radiation, What We CAN Do to Protect Ourselves – Several Plant-based Compounds Are Radio-Protective!

    ‘…..Plant flavinoids which were shown to be radio-protective include:

    – Gingko biloba at a dose of 250-350mg per day; it was found to protect DNA from radiation damage.

    – Ginger was found to protect animal DNA from massive exposure to Gamma radiation, the most destructive kind.

    – Garlic has also been found to protect against ionizing radiation.

    – Curcumin (turmeric extract) was found to be enormously protective as well as,

    – Quercitin, which is found in fruits, vegetables, leaves and grains and

    – Punicalagins, extracted from pomegranates.

    – Alpha Lipoid Acid was found to actually reverse some effects of radiation damage in Chernobyl, returning the levels of oxidized protein compounds in the body caused by radiation exposure back to normal levels and in some cases, better than normal.

    – Resveratrol, a compound most commonly associated with red wine is also a very potent radio-protectant, in supplement doses of 200mg, twice a day.

    – Hesperidin was found to be very protective of DNA and of bone marrow, the blood-forming organ that’s the most sensitive to radiation exposure, along with the brain and the gastrointestinal tract…

    Finally, limit exposure to rain as much as possible, if you are working outdoors wear a mask especially if you have a weak immune system.’

    Also, stop using cream rinse after shampooing your hair. Use baking soda in baths, laundry, etc. We need radiation water filters, and to stay inside as much as possible. The world is not the same, we have to think of seeking fallout shelter, survival skills; we are back to the cave!

    And it was not the nuts in military uniforms that did it, it was the suits and ties, the guys with golf clubs in private jets, the corporate big-shots who has poisoned the world and our bodies, for personal greed in a total disregard of the common good, rich sociopaths who sneer at us and buy politicians like the hookers they are!

    Comment by Bill Mitchell | February 22, 2012

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