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Two Choices for Obama: War or More War

By Philip Giraldi | The Passionate Attachment | March 8, 2012

The United States is committing itself to a war on behalf of another nation and it is as if nothing is happening. Commentary on President Obama’s speech at AIPAC and his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been limited, apparently in the belief that if no one talks about it the war can begin on schedule. There has been plenty of coverage on Iran, however, all of it playing up the threat that the country allegedly poses. Some “thoughtful” commentary has been paying attention to Obama’s drawing a red line that is different from that of Israel, i.e. that military intervention should be dependent on preventing Iran’s actual acquisition of a nuclear weapon rather than its only having the capability to eventually develop one. Israel and its US lobby are seeking to make Iran’s technical ability to enrich uranium a casus belli rather than any proof of actual belligerent intent. That capability or “breakthrough” line has already been crossed which would suggest that the US should be at war with Iran already, precisely what Senators Graham, Lieberman, and McCain as well as their AIPAC sponsors would like to see. Obama is instead trying to delay the reckoning, until after elections in November if he can possibly manage it.

And the different red lines are really little more than a red herring. Obama has been drawn into supporting Netanyahu’s war whether he likes it or not. The American president did not bother to explain why Iran is a threat to the United States because it is clear that to attempt to make that argument would be to magnify the actual threat from Tehran far beyond reality. Iran does not threaten the United States and, given its puny economy and military budget, cannot do so. It would easily be contained even if it were to waste its limited resources on developing a crude nuclear device that it would be unable to deliver on target.

This pledge from Obama means that the US will actually be going to war on behalf of what the Israeli leadership considers to be a threat against itself, rightly or wrongly. Israel can defend itself if it feels threatened. It has a vast nuclear arsenal and the means to deliver the weapons on target to include ballistic missiles and submarines. It also has an extensive anti-missile defense system funded by the US taxpayer. Obama calls US support of Israel right or wrong as “having Israel’s back.” Why should the US have anyone’s back apart from those nations with which Washington has a defense treaty that clearly spells out the conditions for support? Who “has the back” of the American people against what Israel and Netanyahu might do?

Obama knows perfectly well that Congress and the media as well as his own financial backers from Chicago — the Pritzker and Crown families — would force the White House to join in any war on Israel’s behalf. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu knows that too. Netanyahu can therefore have his war whenever he wants or he might opt to have his lackeys in the media and Congress crank up the pressure on Obama to produce regime change in the White House to bring in a pro-Israel nut case like Gingrich or Santorum, a guarantee that the United States will be at war with much of the rest of the world for the foreseeable future.

Philip Giraldi is executive director of the Council for the National Interest.

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  1. The Iranians lost the game already , it will be a Glowing defeat .

    As per the Transcript that I read carefully of the Obama statement presented to Natanyahu 2 days ago , in the opening paragraphs the Cause of ALL troubles Iranians have , stood out : “ Iran is threatening the Existence of Israel “ , period .

    Here , I must blame the cocky Iranian Leaders , Ahmadinejad included , for not straightening this issue with the World long time ago , and so it became a repeated excuse supporting the claim , as Natanyahu said , of “ Israel’s right to Self Defend “ against any ghosts the Knesset may feel to imagine , including Iranians with Chess boards under their arms crossing by the millions into Israel provoking “ Chess games of Mass destruction “ / .

    But about an Iran with nukes , Already the expectations are here , experts acknowledged that Iran demonstrating a nuke is a Given !
    They rightfully analyze that with two nuclear guns to its head Iran was PUSHED by the West into Defending and Building Nukes , a very acceptable excuse , even the Qur’an orders self-defence .

    The North Korea example stands out even though their situation is helped a Lot by the Chinese next door .
    But Poor Iranians are Alone , they can not expect Russia or China to play the chicken-game driven by psychopaths , so they have to show a Lot of muscles And Smarts . And they do .

    But , unfortunately , this ‘loneliness’ will also be the demise of Iranians , they just do not have Enough nukes … plus that Who initiates a nuclear attack has immediately the upper hand ( consider 4 or 5 nukes detonated in the Stratosphere that will render all electronic warfare useless for some 20 minutes , while nuke-tipped inertial guided missiles ( mechanical , smaller with less ‘chip’ electronics and easier to radiation-proof , no high-precision needed ) will hit all the radar and other military installations . After that will be a turkey-shoot for each of the underground facilities , weather permitting , a bombardment that can carry for Month !
    Oh , Right , the Weather !
    Here , for the first time in history we can use the Weather as a very reliable indicator of when the Attack will begin : knowing in advance that the nukes will be deployed within 24 hours from the Conventional attack , Israel will make darn sure the Jet Stream will be forecast to blow away from them for at Least the following 48 hours .

    The starting Conventional attack will take place to allow the Iranians to sink a US carrier or 2 ( 1,500 sailors each ) blocking the Hormuz , and triggering the American philosophy employed Twice in Japan ( ww2 ) : use Nukes to avoid Further mass casualties for US , and that will call in the high altitude strikes for starters .

    The Iranians invented the game of Chess but here they are checked-mated even before the war starts , they will have NO CHOICE but to respond and by doing so to trigger the nuke strategy by US . Game Over .

    So , What could the Iranians do to avoid becoming a divided , nuked-Libya ?
    They can Test their religion : only Mohamed can save them So let’s see what he can do , considering the religious-hard-fact that he can not possibly Allow Iranians and their country to be Nuked . Good Luck !!

    I wonder , how dumb are the Arab Sheiks and Kings not to realize they are a Target of the Banksters New World Order planning , including the Hint last year when Dubai went under Credit attack by the banksters … yet they blew 2.5 Billions on that Wonderful jewel of architecture and interior designed Mosque … and the artificial Sand Dunes for the super rich .

    And for how long will they be Banned from habitation if the Iranian War Radiation will cover them ? Would the Moody/Standard Yet Poor tricksters will lower the Arab World credit all the way into Bankruptcy ?? You Bet !
    Ya , the life of the Thousands of American sailors killed in the initial Conventional attack , is worth it ! No ?

    Did I mentioned , future shocking ?

    ( Technical note regarding the ‘ neutron trigger ‘ device : Iran is well into Nano technology , the accurate fast electronic triggers that uniformly distribute the implosion-causing plastic explosive is for them Peanuts to make ) , the technology is as old as Hiroshima … ) .


    Comment by Doru | March 8, 2012

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