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Israeli soldiers assault cycling group in Jordan Valley

Ma’an – 15/04/2012

BETHLEHEM – Israeli forces assaulted a group of cyclists who were participating in a West Bank tour on Saturday, official news agency Wafa reported.

Footage appeared on Youtube which showed an Israeli commander hitting an international participant with the butt of his rifle, in an unprovoked attack.

Israeli forces can be seen physically assaulting cyclists in the video.

Soldiers stopped a group of around 250 participants near the Jericho village of al-Auja and refused to let them start a cycling tour, which was organized by youth group Sharek and officials from the al-Auja environmental center.

The tour planned to take participants on a 25 km journey through the Jordan Valley.

When participants protested against orders to stop cycling, soldiers used force against them, injuring several people.

The officer involved in the assault was identified as Shalom Eisner, the deputy commander of the Jordan Valley brigade.

An Israeli army spokeswoman described the incident as “very severe,” adding that Israeli GOC central command Nitzan Alon has ordered an investigation into the event.


Update – April 16th:

Rabbis For Violence, Brutality and Abuse


In recent years we have learned about a few sporadic Rabbis who promote peace, justice and humanism. But more often it seems, Israel’s prominent Rabbis are more openly enthusiastic about violence, brutality and abuse.

Ynet reports today that Israel leading rabbis rally to the aid of Lieutenant-Colonel Eisner, an IDF hooligan officer who attacked Danish peace activist yesterday.

Several prominent rabbis expressed their support for the religious Lieutenant-Colonel who was caught on camera brutally attacking a peace activist with his rifle. The Rabbis insist that the military’s decision to suspend the Lieutenant-Colonel was impetuous.

Lieutenant-Colonel Eisner expressed remorse over his action, saying that while he should not have flung his weapon at the activist, the video footage released depicted only “60 seconds out of a two-hour event.” This is indeed a winning Talmudic spin. Rather than dealing with factuality and truth of the matter, we are asked to engage with the ‘unknown’, the ‘missing footage’ so to say.

Rabbi Haim Drukman, who was Eisner’s mentor, described his former pupil as “a fine man, an idealist. He didn’t choose a military career because he needed a job – he is there to give his life for the security of the IDF “. Rabbi Druknam may be correct here, looking again at the footage, we must admit that the silent Danish peace activist seems indeed to threaten the IDF, the State of Israel, and the Jewish people in general.

Former Chief IDF Rabbi Avihai Ronski slammed the decision to suspend Eisner, who he described as “a highly ethical individual.” I guess that by now it is clear to most people that ‘ethics’ is a very relative notion in the Jews Only State.

I guess that the Israeli Rabbis are clever enough to discern a problem within the IDF’s attitude towards its hooligan officer. If Israel wants to maintain itself as the Jews only State, if Israel insists in maintaining its symptoms at the expense of the Palestinian indigenous population, then, its officers must be brutal and vile towards any from of resistance.

Sooner or later, Israel and its Rabbis will have to make a very painful decision. They will have to face the horrific moral and ethical consequences of maintaining a racist, nationalist and expansionist Jewish State.



(photo: Hamzi Zbidat)

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  1. Tough Nazi Israeli soldiers picking on cyclists, only a Zionist, who is less than the Ape, can justify this.

    Comment by Jay Colbe, "a True Jew" | April 15, 2012

    • Nah… Nazi soldiers would have shot the protesters and any survivors would have been hauled off to an extermination camp…

      What’s certain is that the officer in question wouldn’t have been punished by the Nazis… Israel first removed him from his command and will (most probably) have to answer to a court martial after the investigation…

      But then again, somebody who considers people who hold a certain political view as less then apes, can hardly be expected to be able to discern such “small” differences…

      Of course, it’s Muslims that compare Jews to apes so your “handle” (a True Jew) is most probably fake too…

      Comment by King Edward | April 15, 2012

      • Such ignorant faith in mythology you have to believe that Nazis were worse than Zionists. Did the Nazis ever drop 500 lb bombs on the Warsaw ghetto?

        Comment by aletho | April 16, 2012

        • What mythology are you referring to?!… Is it your claim that the Nazis tolerated any expression of dissent?!… Or, is it your claim that the Nazis didn’t have extermination camps?!…

          As for the Nazis dropping 500 lb bombs on civilians, FYI, the V1 flying bomb had a payload (bomb part) of 850 kg (1,900 lb)… The V2 rocket had a payload (bomb part) of 1,000 kg (2,200 lb)… In addition, the Nazis had an assortment of aerial bombs (many of which over 500 lb) that they rained on civilian targets all over Europe… Whether or not they dropped them on the Warsaw ghetto is really immaterial…

          Comment by King Edward | April 16, 2012

          • “Whether or not they dropped them on the Warsaw ghetto is really immaterial… ”

            So… whether or not Russia nukes Tel Aviv should be immaterial as well eh? No crime there? Had to get that terrorist Lieberman.

            Your racist hypocrisy reeks.

            Comment by aletho | April 16, 2012

        • Hey Jay,

          The term Nazis is their favorite crutch and empowers the lie.

          What you have witnessed here has it’s own label that we all must start using: Ziocommie.

          These thugs are a branch of the same Ziocommie Socialists that have taken over the world yesterday, today and won’t stop tomorrow, until they own it ALL.

          The Ziocommie regime is paid by the Ziocommie Banksters to control the planet through the now Ziocommie US government and UN with 700+ Ziocommie US bases, including it’s headquarters in Ziocommie Israel, that they control around the planet under guise of spreading Freedom and Democracy.

          The same Ziocommie regime that has gradually accumulated power in the Media by funding the purchase of ALL major control entities in the world today including Banking, Government, Web, TV, Cable, Movies, Education, Literature, Art, Medicine, Government, Natural Resources, and Manufacturing through their global Jewish Mafia Tier 2 strong arm Mossad and its entire web of deceiving murderers.

          By creating massive debts in every country, and controlling or eliminating the not-so-democratic pre-election processes, the Ziocommies easily install their cronies into power positions that they now globally rule over (see UN, Greece, Afghan, Iraq, Iran, USA, Britain, France, Germany, Spain, EU, Africa, Canada, Australia etc.).


          They run when confronted because the cowards that they are can’t hold their ground without a 1000% overwhelming military advantage that is always provided by everyone else’s stolen money.

          The same thuggery started in 1917 up to 1991 when they heisted Russia murdering 60,000,000 mostly Whites and Muslims, that were led by Ziocommmies with fake white names to hide their guilt (see Trotsky and Lenin) and were financed at least by a documented $5,000,000 grant to Trotsky (Bernstein) from the Ziocommie Rothschild banksters in New York where the scam plan was planned and perpetrated.

          The russion revolution was a Ziocommie scam so the banksters could loot all of Russia’s and the Czar’s assets and exact their ziocommie revenge for their extremely rich ziocommie bankster masters, much the same as done in France 50 years earlier.

          The Nazis came to be in 1923 after seeing that the entire Ziocommie operation had murdered 20,000,000 white christian russians in 6 years time, and then another 40,000,000 of our white and muslim ancestors, and everyone in Germany was brave enough to accept this fact and overwhelmingly voted Hitler in 3 times in legal elections to get rid of the Ziocommie problem.

          The Ziocommie masters could not tolerate this, as it would slow down world wide conquest and murder anyone who opposed Ziocommunism, so they utilized their media machine to Lie to the people of the earth about anti-youknowwhat, holotopics, and racism, to hide their Ziocom nature, and sent 20,000,000 of our relatives to fight the fake battles of WW2 to make the rich Ziocommies richer, and make the fools who were lied into an anti-German frenzy as well as the anti-ziocommies dead. Mission accomplished.

          When confronting Ziocommies the truth always wins, so bravely research real history, and then know what we are dealing with, and free mankind will eventually get organized and do something about it.

          Until that time comes, the best you can do is spread these truths to 1000 people immediately, and keep it up until we beat the propaganda, and we will return the US constitution with the free the world we all deserve again!

          You will know a ziocommie by his vile reply to this truth filled dossier, and he will spew his verbage in the only way he knows, by shameless lying and name calling. Just watch here below and Laugh, it`s the most predictable thing on earth.LOL.

          Comment by JimmyBlaze | April 18, 2012

          • And you know what’s funny? Palestine terrorists learned that an Israeli soldier will not shoot a child so they have a new tactic in the last 4 years- they hide behind kids when the Israeli to shoot them (to shoot the terrorists).

            Comment by Adva | April 19, 2012

            • You have quite the sense of humor Adva.

              Comment by aletho | April 19, 2012

            • RONTFLMFAO You proved my last sentence. Thanks for the laugh. I’m wiping the tears.

              Lying Ziocommie.

              Why is it that no Humans go to Tribe sites and write anti-semite BS, but you always come to our sites and write anti-Humanrace BS to us.

              Oh, I know, because nobody can stand even typing your URL without puking, nobody cares. Just like the way you try to “assimilate` in society with your vileness, nobody wants it, so you put a gun to their head and tell them they are your friend now.

              You know, when you decide to join the rest of us in the free world and refute the chosen one bullshit, we will embrace you with cautious open arms and rejoice that the vileness will end forever. LOL.

              Guess it will be war after all, so it will be bye bye world because your vile and cowardly leaders know they will be annihilated but the cowards will revert to the M.A.D. doctrine so they blackmail all of the other coward leaders of the free world who cow tow to your bullshit.

              Just because your accursed Hegalian dialect leadership has brainwashed the trusting western Goy Suckers, doesn’t mean they won`t learn your lying ways eventually.

              Then it will be over for you and your ilk.

              Go back to your slanderous ADL and murderous Mossad headquarters and send them this message for me will ya.

              We were born free, and you greedy, lying, shitstirring, thieving, murdering, molesting, satanic sodomite Ziocommies ain`t gonna take over this planet for your your bankster bosses.

              Comment by JimmyBlaze | April 19, 2012

              • Talking about gridiness- the Muslims have half of the world and all the oil there is, but since the Jews came to that smallest no men’s land, they don’t stop killing them. And for what? Israel is one of the smallest places on earth. This is gridiness!

                Comment by Adva | April 19, 2012

                • I’m pretty sure if you look deep enough you’ll find lying ziocommie banksters own it all asshole.
                  You need to listen to Milton Freedman, search it and spend the hour, as he tells you as one jew to another what world you think you are in, and what world you are in.
                  Pray this 500 times tonite and you will be healed, I will put a good word in to Jesus for you.
                  I must stop ziocommie lying bullshit.
                  I must stop ziocommie lying bullshit.
                  I must stop ziocommie lying bullshit.
                  I must stop ziocommie lying bullshit.

                  Comment by JimmyBlaze | April 19, 2012

  2. Oh but they weren’t cycling group but protesters from the Ism movement. Interesting why you are lying. Maybe you are the Nazis yourselves.
    Let’s not forget the Palestinians has 22 Muslim countries to go to, which the Jews don’t and still the Palestinians bomb themselves in order to kill children.

    Comment by Adva | April 15, 2012

    • Khazars have no historical ties to Palestine so GTFO of their country you thieves!

      Comment by Seth | April 15, 2012

      • Khazars?!… Genetic evidence proves that claim wrong… Furthermore, just over half of Israel’s Jewish population is Mizrahi (i.e. Middle Eastern)… Therefore your post makes no sense…

        Comment by King Edward | April 16, 2012

    • After Judea declared war on Germany in 1932, The Nazis were forced to form themselves to defend against the vile ziocommies who, just like the Palestinians, had a festering leach in their society that needed to checked after watching their ziocommie russian neighbours destroy a perfectly functioning civilization next door.
      ziocommies like you fester in society and spew your lies like the sons of satan that you are.
      Say this prayer 500 times tonite.
      I must stop the ziocommie lying bullshit.
      I will pray for Jesus to save your soul, but I can`t make any promises.

      Comment by JimmyBlaze | April 19, 2012

      • Actully, Jesus was a Jew. He didn’t hate Jews and they didn’t hate him. The Romans hated him and killed him.
        The Jews of Germany in 1932 loved Germany so much. They didn’t understand why the Christians are doing it to them. There were German Jewish 1st world war heroes. They were pazzeled by the German Christian behavior. They couldn’t believe what is happening (in 1932).

        Comment by Adva | April 20, 2012

        • Wrong again on all counts, more ziocommie BS.I see you didnt say your prayers last night.

          Comment by JimmyBlaze | April 20, 2012

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  4. Look at that filthy Israeli swinging the rifle. Typical rag peddler straight from the ghettoes of Krakow.

    Comment by Long Shanks | April 16, 2012

    • Let’s not forget the Palestinians has more than 22 very wealthy Muslim countries to go to, which the Jews don’t have, and still the Palestinians bomb themselves in order to kill children.
      Please look at the list of Palestinians bombing of civillians (not including the rockets they send from Gaza bombing civillians):

      Israel is one of the smallest places in the world. That is all the Jews have. On the other hand these are the Muslim countries in the world:

      Comment by Adva | April 16, 2012

      • After clearing Palestine of her 10,000,000 innocent people over the past 60 years using the most ziocommie vile methods even non-imaginable, you wonder where you are gonna go when you are finally evicted. LOL.

        Please try for Saturn.

        Comment by JimmyBlaze | April 19, 2012

  5. do you mean that there is NO JEW in any country except israel???if only it could be through!!!
    the hasbarists are comming!!!

    Comment by helene | April 17, 2012

    • As you have a country of your own, without being murdered, the Jews need a place of shelter from all the killing all over the decades. Not the Muslims nor the Chrisitians have been tortured and murdered like the Jews. They just want this little place they have (one of the smallest in the world) to live.

      Comment by Adva | April 17, 2012

      • Since Rothchild only bought you israel, now you want more. How about Sudan. Why don’t ask him to buy you that. Then when they boot you out, maybe Liberia, then when they boot you out, maybe Fukishima, when they boot you out maybe Chernobyl.

        Comment by JimmyBlaze | April 19, 2012

        • Yes, Rothchild was a Jew who helped the first Israelis (coming to Israel after their families were murdered at the end of the 18th century and beginning of the 19th century) to buy lands from the tribes that lived in Israel. The tribes recieved very good money. Now they want those lands back.
          Actually, if you suggest Israelis go live in Sudan- why not one of the huje rich Muslim countries offer a place for the Palestinians. The Israelis would love to support and even pay.

          Comment by Adva | April 20, 2012

  6. what a woundefull courageous this splendid israelian officer is!! and a rabbi!! what a holly talmudist!!!

    is cisjordania israelian land too??? all for jews only????

    Comment by helene | April 17, 2012

    • Israel is for all the people who don’t want the Jews dead. Israel is the shelter for all Jews from all the killing of Christians all over the decades, espcially in the holocast.

      Comment by Adva | April 17, 2012

      • Thats not true, ziocommies in israhell are wanted dead by millions of Palestinians.
        If ziocommies think you are sheltered there, you are living in a fantasyland. That is why your chutzpah always comes back as karmic shoots pa.

        Comment by JimmyBlaze | April 19, 2012

        • You are perfectly right! Israeli Jews are wanted dead by millions of Palestinians. That is right, and they do try to kill Jews all the time. Not only in Israel. They have also killed little Jewsih kids in their school in France, 2 weeks ago.

          Comment by Adva | April 20, 2012

    • Thank God he was arrested today. Not that the Kangaroo Court system of Israhell will do anything to him. The vile system will probably make a hero our him, that will further inflame the world at large, but the ziocommies wont care because they plan on eliminating everyone anyways. What else would you expect from a Rotten cowardly murderous bastard.

      Comment by JimmyBlaze | April 19, 2012

      • On the contrary, Palestinian kids murderers are being are made heros by their poeple. Look at Samir Kuntar, for example. Look at the murderers who were released when Gilead Shalit was released (after 5 years underground without light while the Palestinians don’t allow the red cross visit him even once). At that time the Plestinians civillians murederers studied for an academic degree in prison. Samir Kuntar for example, studied law in prison on behalf of the Israeli democratic rules, and now he is a lawyer!!!!!

        Comment by Adva | April 19, 2012

        • Go back to your synagogue and tape a new testament onto the back of your vile talmud and read the part about synagogue of satan. Pray these words tonite 500 times and you will be healed.
          I must Stop the ziocommie Bullshit.
          I must Stop the ziocommie Bullshit.
          I must Stop the ziocommie Bullshit.
          I must Stop the ziocommie Bullshit.
          I must Stop the ziocommie Bullshit.

          Comment by JimmyBlaze | April 19, 2012

          • What is the bullshit you are referring to? By the way, Israel is a secular state, unlike its neighbours.

            Comment by Adva | April 20, 2012

  7. As the Christians killed Jews all over history, the Jews had to find some place to live in. They found a little place from themselves but also their, they are being murdered. When they are trying to defend themselves all the world is angry. No one wants to let Jews live.

    Comment by Adva | April 17, 2012

    • What do you have to worry about, your ziocommie pals stole all of our nuclear secrets, murdered thousands of my brethren doing it, made my grandparents taxes pay for all of it, and you sit on the third largest stockpile of nuclear death and destruction that the world has ever known, plus your vile mossad invented the stuxnet which is now reeking havoc all over the free world to make our spineless non-“leaders” (that your banksters have bought out), grovel at your infinite power. Unfortunately for all of us, the day of reckoning is coming, and it won’t be pretty for anyone. Thanks asshole. I really did like Nascar, football, and apple pie, because that is what free people do, enjoy their lives, and not fight your shitfilled wars. Why don’t you just leave us all alone. Move to an island or something. How about Antarctica. It’ll be warm there in another 500 years.

      Comment by JimmyBlaze | April 19, 2012

      • Yes I am sure Israel would make a great country even if its people would come to Antarctica, as it has done in the Israeli desert, but Antarctica belongs to a country already- to the US or Scandinavia. But the money you are saying you are paying is because the US gives money to Israel because Israel is the only one who fights back the Muslims. The other world is afraid to do so and being nice to them because they control the oil in the world. It is well known the Muslims around the world want to take over the world and make everyone Muslim. The evidence is the September 11th. Israel is standing in their way and the fight between Israel and the Muslims keeps the Muslims busy with Israel instead of going at you. The Israelis are killed and murdered to prevent the Muslims focus on you. That is what you are paying for.

        Comment by Adva | April 20, 2012

  8. non jew cannot make a cyclist tour in cisjordania, cisjordaniaI S NOT ISRAEL, it is PALESTINE , the palestinian land where christians and muslims who are PALEsTINIANS live under the awful occupation of theaver israelian army, real psycopaths, hainous talmudists just like this courageous aaaaaaaaasshole!!!

    Comment by helene | April 18, 2012

    • On the contrary. A Jew can’t enter Muslim places and areas in Israel, because he will be killed immediately like it happened many times before. On the other hand, every Muslim walks freely in all of Israel without any danger, because the Jews don’t tuch Muslims. Thus the Israeli Jews are afraid to go to Bethlehem, Ramalla, Gaza etc, but the Muslims go freely in all Israel.

      Comment by Adva | April 19, 2012

      • Gee, ya cant waltz into Gaza after your coward ziocommie kid bulldozed 50000 Palestinian homes and moved your fat lazy asses into the ones that they didn’t.
        You wonder why you have no place to go that your bankster bosses haven’t bought for you.
        You can’t survive without my goddam tax dollars being sent to your shit-filled government.
        Whining ziocommies, stay out my hood.

        Comment by JimmyBlaze | April 19, 2012

        • Actually the Palestinians are living from your dollars, only the money they recieve stay at their leaders that don’t spread it to their people. That is why the gap between rich and poor are so wide at the Palestinians. With the dollars they recieve, they could help all the people in the refugee camps in Gaza, but they prefer to take it to themsleves, exactly like Asad in Syria and Kadafi in Libya.
          In Israel, as a social democratic well developed country, the money is spread in honest ways. That’s how it became such a modern country in just 60 years, while the large Muslim countries around it are not modern and not developed.

          As to the bombing of houses you are referring to, as I said before, Palestinians murdered civillians all the years, aiming at civillians and especially at kids. The only punish that could be is to destroy houses. Jews didn’t revenge the murder of their kids, and since the Israeli army don’t aim at innocent people, they didn’t revenge the killing of Jew civillians, and therefore destroyed their houses.
          I am giving here the link showing the killing of civillians only in the last dacade. There were many before. One of the famous was the murdering of sportsmen in the Olympic games in Munich and the kidnapping of a bus no. 3000 . Also the murder of a father and 2 daughters by Samir Kuntar and many many more.

          Comment by Adva | April 19, 2012

          • Go back to your Mossad operations at CNN and tell them, nobodt here gives a shit about you or your bullshit.

            Comment by JimmyBlaze | April 19, 2012

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  10. Inbred Israelis up to their old tricks again. Google “Israel did 9/11” to see the TREACHERY.

    Comment by Goliath | July 1, 2013

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