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Renegade Jewish Settlers

| July 2, 2012

Jewish settlers in Palestine: the most notorious squatters in the world.

Part 1

Israeli settlers have been slowly nibbling away at Palestine’s West Bank territory for four decades. 300,000 setllers now occupy outposts that range in size from plywood shacks to full-blown suburban housing complexes. Their abundance has grounded the much-ballyhooed two-state solution to a halt. VICE correspondent Simon Ostrovsky travels from Tel Aviv to the remote West Bank outposts where young Israelis squat for the sake of their heritage. But first, Simon pops in for some quick counter-terrorism training with a member of Israel’s Special Forces, just in case.


Part 2

Israeli settlers justify their expansion into the West Bank by digging up ancient artifacts that supposedly prove that they’ve occupied that patch of land for longer than the Palestinians. The twist is that the settlers have the Palestinians do the actual digging under the “supervision” of the Israeli army. Simon stumbles upon one of these infamous archaeological digs and finds that the Israelis are less than eager for their operation to be caught on camera.


Part 3

Meet Simcha and Yosef, a pair of teenage settlers at the Havat Gilad outpost in the West Bank doing what Israeli settlers do best: building and re-building houses without a permit.


Part 4

Simon gets mixed up in the West Bank Land Day protests, where Palestinians annually clash with the Israeli army.


Part 5

Simon travels to Asira al-Qibliya, a Palestinian town that is learning how to defend itself against attacks from the Israeli settlers one hill away.


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  1. These fanatic jewish settlers are the PRIME SUSPECTS of playing the part of the “hijackers” on 9/11. The hijacker voice recording is has an ISRAELI accent and you KNOW these religious nutballs would jump at the chance to get America to fight Israels’ enemies.

    Comment by Long Shanks | July 5, 2012

  2. Palestine is the ancestral homeland of the Palestinian people, no one else. The Jewish interlopers are outsiders having no connection to the land of any kind. They must and will go.

    Comment by traducteur | November 7, 2015

  3. “…300,000 setllers now occupy outposts…”

    300K then, four years later, its over 500,000 Khazar penis worshipers that have stolen land and lives in the West Bank. When not stealing and brutalizing the West Bank, the Khazars get entertainment from bombing hospitals, refugee centers, water and sewer treatment plants, electrical substations, schools and mosques in Gaza.

    Where in the Hell did these psycho-killers come from? Surely not the womb of a woman.

    Comment by Greg Bacon | November 4, 2016

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