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Far from a Humanitarian Savior, the U.S. Causes Vast Misery In Africa

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford | July 24, 2012

The United States has finally made a token effort towards reining in its central African client state, Rwanda, whose destabilization of neighboring Congo has contributed to the deaths of six million people over the past 16 years. A United Nations panel charged that Rwanda has been supporting a Tutsi tribal rebel group in Congo. Rwanda and another U.S. puppet regime, Uganda, have profited enormously from stealing the mineral resources of eastern Congo, in collaboration with U.S. and European mining companies. At the end of last year, 1.7 million Congolese remained homeless, largely because of Rwanda’s continued interference in Congolese affairs.

Bowing ever so slightly to world opinion, Washington announced that it would cut military assistance to Rwanda. As it turns out, the only money the U.S. is withholding is for an academy for Rwandan non-commissioned officers – a measly $200,000 out of a total Rwandan aid package of $528 million. The gesture is an insult to the millions of Congolese who have been killed or displaced by the U.S. and its Rwandan and Ugandan mercenaries.

The United Nations Refugee Agency reports that the number of Somalis forced to leave their country has reached the one million mark. At root, this is also an American crime against humanity. Somalia ranks behind only Afghanistan, Iraq and Colombia in its number of displaced persons. And, like the other three countries, Somalia’s humanitarian crisis is the result of Washington’s imperial military strategies.

The U.S. dragged Somalia into hell in December of 2006, when it funded and armed an Ethiopia invasion of the country. Tens of thousands were killed outright, and Somalia was robbed of a chance to build peace under a moderately Islamist government. In the capital city, Mogadishu, alone, nearly two million people were forced from their homes, and soon the United Nations declared Somalia “the worst humanitarian crisis in Africa.”

In the ensuing five years, the United States methodically attempted to starve out the Somali Shabaab resistance forces, so that when the worst drought in 60 years struck the region, last year, mass deaths were inevitable. By now, the U.S. had ensnared most of Somalia’s neighbors in its war – Kenya, Ethiopia, and Djibouti, a whole region in flames – in order to facilitate an expansion of U.S. military influence in the region.

Far from playing a humanitarian role in Africa, the United States is the main vector of mass carnage and misery, from Somalia to Libya to Congo and so many points in between. American policy in Africa is to create chaos, and then to present itself as the cure. Economically, the U.S. offers nothing to Africa, except rigged deals and endless debt. Years ago, China eclipsed the U.S. as a trading partner, and now offers Africa more and better quality foreign aid than the Americans. Unable to compete on a level laying field, Washington exports death to Africa, in the form of weapons systems and Green Berets. There is nothing good that the United States can do for Africa, but leave.

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  1. I have long admired the precise and powerful pronouncements of Glen Ford. This article is a transcription or text from which it was given on Black Agenda Report (BAR) which is atop of a list of audio linked programs on audio:

    In the above article, the sentence that “says it all” is:

    ……. American policy in Africa is to create chaos, and then to present itself as the cure. Economically, the U.S. offers nothing to Africa, except rigged deals and endless debt……

    For me, in that single sentence, is the truth of who Obama really is in relationship to “people of color” to Black Americans, to Africans.

    The total lack of sensitivity, identity, and actual aggression, destruction, mass misery and murder; makes it absolutely clear, beyond a reasonable doubt, that President Obama is a totally a soulless miscreant, and is in accordance with his imperialism wars underway. Admittedly, he is merely a stooge, carrying out the dictate of the super rich and powerful, the usurping plutocracy’s stage managers, Zbigknew Brzezinski & Henry Kissinger, who are the agents of David Rockefeller and his cabal of capitalist war criminals unlimited!

    Remember Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 containing the unconstitutional, extrajudicial abduction, torture, and assassination of ‘We, the people of the United States of America……’

    If there had been any remaining doubt that this man will stop at nothing, what more proof do you need!? World War III must ‘”Is on the table!”‘

    Write in your own name for all public office; especially that of the President of the United States. They are rigged anyway, and it is not by our direct popular vote anyhow, and YOU are better than anyone running for office, anywhere; at least in the General Election on November 6th.


    Comment by Bill Mitchell | July 26, 2012

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