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The 33 Days War

A Documentary about what took place in July 2006 in Lebanon

July 29, 2012 - Posted by | Timeless or most popular, War Crimes, Wars for Israel | , , , , ,


  1. May this evil Zionist entity vanish into the dustbins of history.


    Comment by B.Benhamid | July 29, 2012

    • This page of history also will turn.


      Comment by aletho | July 29, 2012

    • They will not exist after 2018, according to the prophecy of St. Paisios. The Sanhedrin, who crucified Christ were reconvened in 2004, and to build their temple on the ruins of the ancient Roman Fort Antonia, they will have to blow up the Dome of the Rock and Al Aqsa. When they do this, the entire world will turn against them, even China. There will be countless killed, but the Jewish hegemony will be at an end. Even their own people are beginning to see it. Like their Soviet regime and slaughter of 80 million Christians in the Russian Empire, they will collapse from their own evil. Seems like 70 years is about their limit.


      Comment by Laskarina | February 9, 2017

  2. they will indeed, as promised. for the army of Al-Mahdi is not just a fairy tale. America, whether it be the republicans or democrats in power, is willingly going down the drain prepared by them zions. Poor ignorant Americans. They would’nt know what hit them before they go into coma.


    Comment by aen rabion | July 30, 2012

  3. Thanks for sharing this!


    Comment by brenda | March 11, 2013

  4. Interestingly, this video admits that the 2006 2nd Lebanon war was started by a Hizballah action…

    The video complains that Israel attacked roads, bridges, airports and seaports… However, all these are valid military targets… Further, the video complains that Israel attacked residential buildings but, unsurprisingly, neglects to inform the viewer that residential buildings that are used for military purposes are valid military targets…

    The video further wishes to convey the message that all the Lebanese casualties were noncombatants… The truth, as we know now, is that Hizballah suffered many hundreds of casualties…

    As for Israel supposedly having a goal of occupying Lebanon up to the Litani river, it’s a figment of Hizballah’s imagination… If Israel had wanted to occupy Lebanon they wouldn’t have left in 2000…

    Another obvious contradiction is that the video claims that Tel Aviv was threatened in the case that Beirut was attacked… Well, parts of Beirut (e.g. the airport, Hizballah HQ in Dahya) were attacked but there was no attack on Tel Aviv…

    Of course, it’s not easy to make a video that, on the one hand, portrays Hizballah/Lebanon as fierce heroes and, on the other side, portrays Hizballah/Lebanon as victims… So they have to make up stuff…


    Comment by ScubaMan | March 11, 2013

  5. The aims of the Zionist aggression of 2006 were threefold: to empty southern Lebanon of its goyish population, to annex the entire area as far north as the Litani River, and to sluice off every drop of the Litani’s water for the benefit of Jews only. The first of these aims was largely attained: by carpet-bombing the villages and saturating the countryside with fléchettes and cluster bombs, the Zionists were able to killl and maim gratifyingly large numbers of goyim and drive out most of the survivors. But they never reached the Litani, because Hizbullah defeated them on the ground. Since then, they have been able to do nothing but publish a lot of frothing public-relations material about Hizbullah being a terrorist organization that should be disarmed. But disarming Hizbullah is proving to be like belling the cat: who’s going to do it? Not the Zionist cowards, assuredly!


    Comment by traducteur | March 11, 2013

  6. Funny that… If all Israel wanted to do was to empty southern Lebanon of its goyish population and to annex the entire area as far north as the Litani River why didn’t they do that during the decades that they were there?!…

    As for sluicing off every drop of the Litani’s water for the benefit of Jews only, pray tell, exactly how would Israel be able to do that once the water was pumped into the Israeli water grid?!…

    Your position is ludicrous and unsupported by facts… As for disarming Hizballah, that was supposed to be the task of the UN and the Lebanese government… That, in itself, isn’t a reason for Israel to go to war… And that’s why the Hizballah are basically able to claim results that have nothing to do with them…


    Comment by ScubaMan | March 11, 2013

  7. Southern Lebanon is now full of goyim once again. They’re proliferating in Palestine too. The whole ethnic cleansing project seems to be unravelling.


    Comment by traducteur | March 12, 2013

    • And, as usual, instead of answering the argument you post either stuff that’s not under contention and/or stuff that is more a representation of your biased view then a representation of reality…

      If, as you believe, the Israel project is truly unraveling, why don’t you just sit back and enjoy the view?!… Why do you feel as if your “contribution” is required when you believe that the end result is basically a question of time?!…

      Could it be that your cognitive dissonance doesn’t go deep enough?!…


      Comment by ScubaMan | March 13, 2013

  8. Still the same old story: no matter how many goyim we kill, there are always more of them afterward than there were before. That glorious vision of a goyimrein Jewish state seems to recede before us like a mirage. Sigh.


    Comment by traducteur | July 13, 2014



    Comment by GUZE` SPITERI | February 9, 2017

  10. Wonder what’s become of that Zio troll. We must have discouraged him, poor fellow.


    Comment by traducteur | July 16, 2018

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