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  1. That is a beautiful idea, as well as an enlightening article, for none of that history was know to me until a few minutes ago.

    Which leads me to translate that data into a solution to the grotesque economic inequality that defines capitalism as the arrogantly exploitative anti-social monstrosity that has corrupted government, instigated wars of aggression, and continually destroys the world environment, Fukushima and TEPCO is the latest unmistakable proof of its perverted mindset and consequently modus operandi that very likely may be the end of us all!

    Therefore, what is needed immediately, this Labor Day or by May Day is, to place a 100 percent tax on income over $350,000. The minimum wage raised to $20. an hour, with a 32 hour workweek.

    Comment by Bill Mitchell | August 27, 2012 | Reply

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