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Uzbek bill flies in face of US hopes of military presence

Press TV – August 30, 2012

Uzbekistan’s upper house of parliament has endorsed a bill, banning the country’s hosting of foreign military bases, amid the US hopes of military presence in the country.

“Uzbekistan will have no foreign military bases and facilities on its territory,” ITAR-TASS quoted Uzbek Foreign Minister Abdulaziz Kamilov as saying in Tashkent on Thursday.

The proposed law, yet to be fatefully signed by President Islam Karimov, authorizes the country to quit interstate organizations that form military blocs.

Komilov likewise said Uzbekistan would “reserve the right to leave any interstate structures if they become military-political blocs.”

The bill came against a backdrop of growing rumors of Uzbekistan’s plan to host a US military base to replace a major airbase, leased by the US military, in neighboring Kyrgyzstan.

In February, Kyrgyz President Almazbek Atambayev said Bishkek planned to close the base, which is located at a major airport in the Kyrgyz capital, and is reportedly being used as a transit center for Washington’s operations in Afghanistan.

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  1. The USA’s evolution from a civilian to military economy reached a point of no return about fifty years ago.Since then, a perpetual war machine was in motion with Wall Street Zionist investment banks funding USA’s military economy.

    33rd President of the USA – Harry S. Truman’s National Security Council Paper, “NSC-68”, which put forth that the USA could sustain its economic growth by applying John Maynard Keynes’ emphasis on the role of government to the military or “security” sphere.

    President Harry S. Truman signed the National Security Council Paper, “NSC-68″ as the USA’s basic policy doctrine in Sept 1950. Although the world was at peace at that time, the President Harry S. Truman’s directive called for increasing the annual military budget by 350%. “Military Keynesianism” soon became the essence of the USA’s economy and the Wall Street Zionist investment banks took full advantage of this new investment opportunity.

    While the US Military contracts were awarded to defense contractors to maintain the “Cold War” with Soviet Union(USSR), American industrial plants began to decay. Outsourcing came into vogue as Americans bought foreign TV sets, cameras, and cars. The US labels on foreign products were just US wrappers on Asian products.

    Turning their investments to consumer production and commercial markets abroad, Wall Street Zionists began concentrating their finances on US military production. Skilled technique and able management now belonged to Japan, not America.

    Wall Street Zionist bankers were no longer interested in US civilian production. Their market was the US government and payments were fed by the Zionist owned Federal Reserve. So why bother investing in US-made cameras or washing machines when you could invest in bombers and drones where the profits were much higher with no risk.

    Reaching a position of permanence after 9/11, “Military Keynesianism” had produced a “National Security State” — controlled by Zionists and financed by Wall Street. By signing NSC-68 in 1950, President Harry. S.Truman had given birth to a Military/Zionist global beast. The push for new and more deadly military arm and ammunition is currently fueled by Wall Street Zionist investment banks, with Goldman Sachs and State Street Corporation at the lead.

    With US military spending being the largest single item in the federal budget for fiscal 2010 and calls from Obama for a record $708 Billion to fund his wars, defense contractors get their marching orders from Wall Street Zionist investment analysts who dictate contractors’ business policies from their financial towers on Wall Street.

    Based on a Goldman Sachs Report published on June 5, 2009, which forecasted a decline in investments in defense industries, General Dynamics announced that it was acquiring Axsys Technologies, a company that provides high-end optics for unmanned drones, in order to attract investors.

    In another example of Zionist bankers’ control of Defense contractors, shares of Lockheed Martin were driven down by 1.3% on January 6, 2010, after Goldman Sachs told investors to “sell” rather than “hold” Lockheed stocks.

    Not only do the Zionists on Wall Street control defense industries externally, but they maintain leverage over the defense contractors, internally. A greater amount of power over the military industries has been concentrated into fewer hands – as it only takes 10% ownership of stock to control a widely-held corporation) – and these hands are those of huge Zionist investment blocs.

    Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Northrop Grumman have large Zionist banks as their major investors. The huge investment bank, State Street Corporation, is the major stockholder of these 3 top US defense contractors. In the Board of Directors of SSC, one can find the names of Robert S Kaplan (Former Senior Director of Goldman Sachs); Robert Weissman; and Peter Coym (Former Chairman of Lehman Brothers.)

    State Street Bank owns 19% of Lockheed Martin stock, 11% of Boeing stock, and 9% of Northrop Grumman stock. Co-shareholders in these companies as well as in Halliburton and Raytheon, include the Zionist Investment banks, Goldman Sachs, Oppenheimer Funds, and Capital Research And Management Company.

    No General of US armed forces and thus the entire US military, makes a decision apart from the Zionists on Wall Street who control his ability to wage war with the deadly armaments they provide.

    The U.S. government does NOT issue the U.S. “paper” money. The Federal Reserve Notes are issued by the Rockefeller founded and controlled Federal Reserve Bank. It is a PRIVATE Bank and is not part of the U.S. government. The Federal Reserve Bank has the power to create money out of nothing and with access to unlimited credit has financed ALL the wars of the 20th century and will finance the coming aggression against Iraq. hus the priority that Israel placed on U.N. recognition after President Harry Truman acknowledged Israel on May 14, 1948, eleven minutes after the Zionist enclave declared itself a state.

    In 1948, the Rothschilds bribe US President Harry S. Truman to recognize Israel (Rothschild owned Zionist not Jewish territory) as a sovereign state with $2,000,000 which they give to him on his campaign train.

    They then declare Israel to be a sovereign Jewish state in Palestine and within half an hour President Truman declared the United States to be the first foreign nation to recognize it.

    In December 1948, Albert Einstein and 27 prominent Jews urged us “not to support this latest manifestation of fascism.” They warned that a “Leader State” was the goal of the “terrorist party” that has governed Israel over all but a handful of the past 62 years.
    Zionists have just about sucked the USA dry, and like most parasites, will be seeking a new host. Zionist strategy will be to use the US Military as its muscle to take over each country, while concurrently sucking the USA’s own citizens dry with corruption and thus relegating them back to a 3rd world economy. They have gutted the US economy via shipping middle class manufacturing jobs etc. to China and building up China to be what the USA once was. Then when the time is ripe, the Zionists will do to China what it has done elsewhere. Zionists will switch identities and citizenship as they change their jackets. If China becomes stronger than the USA, they would all move to China.

    Trillionaire masters of the universe remain hidden whilst Forbes magazine poses lower ranking billionaires like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett as the richest men in the World. Combined wealth of Zionist Rockefeller family in 1998 was approximately $11 trillion and the Zionist Rothschilds $100 trillion. The known history of civilization is merely the visible part of the iceberg. There is a shadow economy, shadow politics and also a shadow history, known to conspirologists. There are unseen forces acting in the World, unstoppable for most powerful countries and even continents.

    “Examining the organization and function of the Federal Reserve Banks, and applying the relevant factors, we conclude that the Reserve Banks are not federal instrumentalities for purposes of the FTCA, but are independent, privately-owned and locally controlled corporations.”
    – US Court Decision – Lewis vs. U.S., 680 F. 2d 1239, 1241

    “We have in this country one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks. Some people think the Federal Reserve Banks are U.S. government institutions. They are not government institutions. They are private credit monopolies; domestic swindlers, rich and predatory money lenders which prey upon the people of the united States for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers. The Federal Reserve Banks are the agents of the foreign central banks. The truth is the Federal Reserve Board has usurped the Government of the United States by the arrogant credit monopoly which operates the Federal Reserve Board.”
    Congressman Louis T. McFadden, Chairman of the House Banking & Currency Committee, speech on the floor of the House of Representatives, June 10, 1932

    “In the united States we have, in effect, two governments….We have the duly constituted Government….Then we have an independent, uncontrolled and uncoordinated government in the Federal Reserve System, operating the money powers which are reserved to Congress by the Constitution.”
    -Congressman Wright Patman, Chairman of the House Banking & Currency Committee, speech on the House floor, 1967

    “Most Americans have no real understanding of the operation of the international money lenders….The accounts of the Federal Reserve System have never been audited. It operates outside the control of Congress and….manipulates the credit of the united States.”
    -Senator Barry Goldwater

    “Federal Reserve Notes are illegal”
    -US Representative Dr. Ron Paul

    “These international bankers and Rockefeller-Standard Oil interests control the majority of newspapers and the columns of these papers to club into submission or drive out of public office officials who refuse to do the bidding of the powerful corrupt cliques which compose the invisible government.”
    – Teddy Roosevelt


    Comment by Nalliah Thayabharan | September 19, 2012

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