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Unasur praise for the reliability and transparency of Venezuelan electoral system

MercoPress | October 8th 2012

The head of the Unasur delegation sent to Venezuela to follow Sunday’s electoral process, Carlos Alvarez said that the country had given the world a lesson of democracy because of its extraordinary electoral system and the attitude of the opposition, among other positive elements.

“Venezuela has given the world a very important lesson because there were important sectors of the international community that had doubts or questioned the functioning of Venezuelan democracy”, said Alvarez during a press conference in Caracas.

On Sunday’s election, President Hugo Chavez won for the fourth consecutive time with a 54.84% support of ballots while the opposition leader Henrique Capriles managed 44.55% according to the official results from the Electoral Council having counted 95% of votes cast.

Alvarez admitted that many members of the international community “had doubts about how elections in Venezuela were won” and described as “ill-intended those who cast doubts over the functioning of the electoral system”, which he went on to describe as “excellent”.

“It’s an extraordinary lesson for the international community” and the fact that turnout was 80% is “a moving event” for a country were voting is not compulsory, and even more “if one looks back into history and remembers that only 25% to 30% of those registered use to vote”, underlined the former Argentine Vice-president and currently secretary general of the Latinamerican Integration Agency, Aladi.

“We have witnessed a process of excellence; the National Electoral council displayed an extraordinary job, parties and candidates admitted the results and we have accumulated a great experience for the creation of a South American Electoral Council”, said the head of the Unasur observers’ mission. “We came across a highly reliable electoral system and of technological excellence”.

Alvarez said that Unasur complied with all of its objectives and was present all over the Venezuelan territory, with forty delegates from ten different countries.

“It was a double challenge, we were one of the few organizations that came to follow the electoral process and at the same time the first such a mission was sent by Unasur. We are a technical mission, committed to transparency and the efficiency of the electoral systems of our countries”, pointed out Alvarez.

“I’m leaving on Wednesday after I present my report and I will with the satisfaction of the job accomplished, and the happiness of having been witness of the Venezuelan democratic festivity and of an historic event”, concluded Alvarez.

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  1. The name of the leader of the losing opposition party in Venezuela is NOT Henrique Capriles. His name is Henrique Capriles Radonski, his real Wikipedia background a confirmation that he is the offspring of Jews and the grandson of Jews, who nevertheless, publicly claims to be Catholic! …Sure he is…sure he is…

    Do we need to wonder why our wholly-owned-by-Zionists Western Media championed him in this election cycle without disclosing his background and ethnicity while ignoring his complicity and connection to earlier attempts to oust Chavez from office illegally?

    I’m also wondering why Aletho, whose voice I have respected, championed and admired in the past has not corrected the flawed record or challenged this wilfully ignored fact when so many of our modern world’s ailments lead directly back to a world-wide outbreak of Zionist infections…


    Comment by arthurdecco | October 10, 2012

  2. I thank you for highlighting an earlier article that affirmed your support for Chavez. But that doesn’t change the fact that you didn’t challenge the MSM’s naming of Henrique Capriles as Henrique Capriles when his name was actually Henrique Capriles Radonski, the name of an an identifiable Jew, a member of .03 % of the Venezuelan population – a dual citizen traitor who wanted to attach Venezuela’s interests to terrorist Israel’s – a country most Venezuelans are passionately opposed to, despite the fact that he dishonestly claimed to be a Catholic!

    You have to be diligent to remove these kinds of disinformation from the articles you share!

    These people, Zionists, will try anything to win influence. You know this and must be prepared for their assaults on truthfulness from all avenues. You know this…so be aware…and ever vigilant.


    Comment by arthurdecco | October 10, 2012

    • Actually, I believe that MercoPress is only following standard practice by identifying Capriles Radonski by his father’s name. For example, how often do they use the full name Hugo Chavez Frias? It is not likely that there was a specific intention to obscure the facts here.


      Comment by aletho | October 11, 2012

      • Thank you for your clarification on naming protocols. I didn’t know that at all. From my north American perspective and in today’s climate of suspicion I naturally assumed that it was deliberate. I apologize for both my ignorance and my belligerence.


        Comment by arthurdecco | October 11, 2012

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