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Eutelsat set to take Iran satellite channels off air

Press TV – October 14, 2012

European satellite provider Eutelsat SA is set to pull the plug on several satellite channels and radio stations broadcast from Iran.

The company has ordered media services company, Arqiva, to take the Iranian satellite channels off one of its Hot Bird frequencies.

The Iranian channels being taken off the air include Press TV, al-Alam, Jam-e-Jam 1 and 2, Sahar 1 and 2, Islamic Republic of Iran News Network, Quran TV, and the Arabic-language al-Kawthar.

The ban will also affect the satellite broadcast of several Iranian radio stations.

The move follows months of jamming of Iranian channels by European satellite companies. It also shows that the European Union does not respect freedom of speech, and spares no efforts to silence the voice of alternative media outlets.

Iranian news channels affected by the decision only aimed to break the West’s monopoly on news broadcast by reflecting the voice of the oppressed people to the world.

The illegal move by Eutelsat SA, therefore, is a step to mute all alternative news outlets representing the voice of the voiceless.

The Iranian channels, however, reserve the right to take legal action against Eutelsat’s decision in order to restore their rights and compensate for any material and spiritual damages thereof to the full extent possible under international law.

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  1. The actions of the EU is testament that when a nation is engaged in centuries of wars, that nation loses the ability to build a civilized society. They may construct the semblance of a civilized society, through the institutions but these institutions quickly crumble when power cannot get its way. The barbarism of centuries of man’s inhumanity to man was laying just beneath the surface, the veneer waiting to be ripped apart by the course of events and circumstances. Europeans should be alarmed by the actions of their governments regressing to barbaric times. Presently, its actions may appear to be turned outward but it’s only a matter of time before they turn their actions inwards to the barbarism that they thought they had buried with the past.

    The award of the Nobel Prize for peace to the EU at this time, in spite of its record, is a reminder of its past and a warning to avoid returning to those days. However, history has proven that when nations are unjust, such nations see themselves as invincible. These nations glory in their strength and thus do not heed the warnings. For the EU to decide to take away the basic right of the Iranian people to speech is a civilization that is imploding. What has Europe learned from its centuries of warfare. Is is a softer, more caring civilization for mankind? That’s a question for the European people to answer and save themselves from the abyss.


    Comment by Ribeekah | October 14, 2012

  2. You certainly don’t know about noises and parasites that Iran send on satellites in Iran and on Eutelsat channels, it increased the statistics of cancer in Iranian people and sickness in pregnant women, i live in Iran and i can see it!
    So these freedom stuff, is for civilized people, not Iran regime that butcher people.


    Comment by shahab | October 15, 2012

    • I find it odd that “shahab” presents himself as living in Iran yet his comment was not posted from Iran.

      On second thought perhaps it is not so odd.


      Comment by aletho | October 15, 2012

  3. Eutelsat SA and Arqiva are commercial (i.e. NGO) entities… As such, it’s their choice whether Iranian channels are hosted on their satellite services or not… Assuming of course there’s no legal barrier…

    Iran’s freedom of speech right doesn’t include the right to be broadcast on channels not owned by Iran… The situation would be different if anybody in the EU or in those companies were actively jamming Iranian broadcasts from Iranian satellites…

    In fact, Iran’s position on this is ludicrous considering the fact that Iran, according to Eutelsat SA, has been jamming satellite signals of of international networks, including BBC Persian, the Voice of America’s Persian service and Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty’s Radio Farda to Iran…

    But then again, claiming the opposite of what’s true is par for the course for the Iranian regime so I’m not surprised…


    Comment by Bambi | October 15, 2012

  4. Do you know since when the “Islamic Republic” started to send “parasit macrowaves” against exil-iranian-tv/radio-stations? Do you know how many times, such little persian speaking stations had to move to other frequncies or satelites?

    Click to access February_2010.pdf


    Comment by Pi Gee Etch | October 15, 2012

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