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Jews admit Zionist entity is an ‘Apartheid State’

Al-Manar | October 24, 2012

A majority of the Zionist entity’s Jews admitted they are living in an apartheid state, a recent survey posted by Haaretz said. Many also believed that Palestinians should be denied the right to vote, and suggested that Jewish settlers should be given preferential treatment.

Some 500 Jewish adults took part in the survey, answering questions put together by a group of civil rights activists and academics, the Haaretz newspaper reported on Tuesday. The survey’s findings revealed that 39 percent of respondents believe there is a ‘slight’ form of apartheid in the Occupied Territories, while 19 percent admit that there is ‘heavy’ apartheid.

A different question suggested that the number of those in favor of ethnic segregation is higher, with 74 percent of those surveyed in favor of separate roads for Zionist Jews and Arabs in the West Bank.

On the contentious issue of the West Bank, 38 percent of respondents wanted to annex the territories with the illegal settlements, and 48 percent opposed that policy. A follow-up question on voting rights for Palestinians saw 69 percent of respondents in favor of denying 2.5 million of Palestinians the vote if West Bank territories were annexed.

More than a half of those questioned said Zionists should be given preference over Arabs when applying for jobs in the government sector. And slightly under half favored legalized discrimination of Arabs, saying that the entity should “treat Jewish citizens better than Arab ones.”

The survey also revealed that people of ultra-religious views demonstrated more discriminatory attitudes, with 82 percent saying Jews should be given preferential treatment over Arabs. Secular responders generally expressed more pluralistic views.

In its report, Haaretz claimed that the survey was initiated by the so-called ‘New Israeli Fund’, a US-based NGO. But the NIF denied any involvement, saying the poll “was not commissioned or sponsored or in any way related to the New Israel Fund,” but set up by Goldblum Fund, an organization with which it had only indirect links.

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  1. Israel is doing what any compulsive liar does when caught flat-footed, with the lies gushing from their ever flapping lips — throw in a well chewed bone of truth, it will serve to confuse the issue and assist Israeli defenders in pointing to the one or two admissions of deception.

    The apartheid nature of Israel has been validated by Desmond Tutu, who categorized Israeli apartheid as much harsher, and bloodier than South Africa’s record of apartheid.

    The Israeli zionist experiment is a colossal failure. It has made the lives’ of persecuted Palestinians unbearable in their centuries long homeland. The racism of Judaism is interwoven into every area of life. Upon arising a Jewish man is compelled to thank God that he was born a man. Leaving the other half of the population described as dirty, not equal to a man in court testimoney, Jews are misogynists run wild.

    The slurs cast at US President Obama are mainly aimed at his racial color, kushi, schwartzer, all slang directed at ‘non-whites’ even including Jews of non-European whiteness.

    So none of this is news. I think the failed experiment should be dismantled, Palestinians can never be be paid by mere money, for the theft of land, loss of country, the amount of incarceration, shedding of innocent blood, attempting to break up families with Israeli’s racist laws, how much money can compensate for a quadrapalegic?(sic). The destruction of cultivated land, the destruction of olive groves and fruit orchards, the pollution/ and restriction of safe water.

    The Palestinians did do nothing to the Jews. The Jews should have lobbied for Germany or Switzerland, not Palestine, who had conserved and nurtured their country only to see it trashed by thieves with no love of the land.

    Not content with moving into homes Palestinians were evicted from, they also steal the culture, the food, the books, the photos, the clothing with in some cases are works of art.

    The blowback from over a hundred years of brutal life under military occupation, could very well spell the end of mankind.

    Thieves and liars go together like rats and garbage.


    Comment by ruby22-kate | October 24, 2012

  2. “was not commissioned or sponsored or in any way related to the New Israel Fund,” — They MUST hide!

    They cannot help themselves. They live in a spiral of dishonesty. The Jewish State is over.


    Comment by JohnJ | October 24, 2012

  3. To bad even the newspaper (Haaretz) has been forced to withdraw much of its claims seeing as they were based on false interpretations of the actual data…


    Comment by Bambi | November 30, 2012

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