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  1. As usual, The Chosen receive a special dispensation, because “their case is unique and their suffering priviledged”. Do we exercise a similiar blanket indemnity when examining the “roots of Muslim rage”? Oh no! EVERYTHING about the culture, Quran, traditions, politics… Its ALL on the table when any other ethnic group is critiqued. But when the same standards are applied to jews? Its always persecution and antisemitism. REFUSE to be manipulated and speak the TRUTH, where ever you see it.


    Comment by Camille | October 25, 2012

    • It’s surprising and disapointing to see that Lenni Brenner has added his name to the gag and burn Gilad’s book list.

      Seems like that little skunk, Ali Abunimah, started this shocking witch hunt.
      First it was Gilad, and then he went on to Greta Berlin, I might have missed some in between – it’s hard to remember all of his Shabbos Goy, hasbara antics.


      Comment by Genie | October 28, 2012

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