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  1. Interestingly, not a word about (Jewish) Israeli children… I guess Jewish children are not worthy of Bill Quigley’s empathy… They are presumably not tragic nor need they end…

    Comment by ScubaMan | December 19, 2012

    • And what would be the date of the most recent Israeli child that died as a result of violent attack?

      And how many children have been killed in the wars for Israel in the interim?

      SM, your comment is without basis.

      Comment by aletho | December 19, 2012

      • Do ANY of your questions hold any validity?!… If the call is to remember ALL the children then call should include Jewish children as well!… Anything else reeks of racism!…

        But then again, I’m not surprised…

        Comment by ScubaMan | December 20, 2012

        • Jewish controlled military aggressors have been on a tear killing millions of children for Israel over a stretch of decades and we are all supposed to concern ourselves with the possibility that years ago there may have been an individual Jewish child that was also a victim or be accused of racism?

          That’s rich.

          Comment by aletho | December 20, 2012

          • Tsk tsk tsk… Didn’t you read the part of the boiler room manual that specifically states that you should use “Zionist” in stead of “Jewish”?!… Obviously you think that “Jews control the governments of the US, UK and others”… Guess what, such a view is indicative of the racist flavor known as antisemitism…

            However, as I stated, I’m not surprised…

            Comment by ScubaMan | December 21, 2012

            • I’m not in denial about Jewish supremacy in the nations that you cite. For empirical evidence I recommend reading the article at this link:


              And being a realist about the existence of supremacy does not make one a “racist.”

              Comment by aletho | December 21, 2012

              • That “supremacy” you claim exists only in your head… And no, that link of yours does not prove “Jewish supremacy” anywhere… As such, your “realism” is nothing but racism…

                Also, I’d be surprised if Hitler wasn’t convinced of the same “Jewish supremacy”… In other words, being convinced of that same nonexistent “Jewish supremacy” doesn’t mean you’re not an anti-Semite…

                Comment by ScubaMan | December 24, 2012

                • And you eat babies.

                  Comment by aletho | December 24, 2012

  2. Americans are mourning

    The tragic murders

    Of innocent children

    And adults at a school

    In Connecticut –

    The murders of children

    In Gaza –

    Committed by Israel,

    Had America’s full support

    And funding.

    Let’s see Obama cry

    About those innocent

    Children also:

    And stop funding Israel.

    Comment by Genie | December 22, 2012

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