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A matter of shared sacrifice

By Charles Davis | False Dichotomy | December 31, 2012

Speaking to The Middle Class today, Barack Obama made a promise, pledging not to pursue spending cuts “that will hurt seniors, or hurt students, or hurt middle- class families.” Such is the state of liberal politics today: the most our recently reelected progressive president is willing to offer his supporters is a pledge not to actively harm them.

Of course, being the head of an empire that feeds on death and consumer debt, the president didn’t even really offer that. Instead, the sentence containing his grand promise continued, clarifying that Obama only meant he wouldn’t harm the middle class “without asking also equivalent sacrifice from millionaires or companies with a lot of lobbyists, et cetera.”

“[I]t’s going to have to be a matter of shared sacrifice,” he added.

So, in exchange for cutting your grandmother’s already inadequate Social Security, a Fortune 500 CEO will — no, let’s go with “may” — be bumped up to a higher tax rate, which could require as many as two to three additional billable hours for their accountant to successfully evade. No one, least of all our secretly Marxist commander in chief, will point out how the middle (and lower) class already sacrifices its claim to the country’s abundant resources to the capitalist class, which the state grants monopoly privileges over what ought to be our shared abundance.

Seems about right.

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  1. I was hanging in there with your analysis Mr. Davis till you jumped the couch with your identification of President Obama as Marxist. I know most amuricans don’t use socialist, anarchist or marxist with any more precision than when they say shit, ouch or fuck when they accidentally hit a finger with a hammer. But assuming you intended to slight the malevolent henchflak with the “marxist” reference, please do tell what epithet marxist means to you. Michael\\


    Comment by Michael | December 31, 2012 | Reply

    • Michael,

      I think Davis is utilizing facetiousness here, a style that, admittedly, is not frequently presented at Aletho News.


      Comment by aletho | January 1, 2013 | Reply

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