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Israeli Offer to Palestinian Families: Take $500,000 and Leave West Bank

Al-Manar | January 2, 2013

Likud_Hardliner_FeiglinA Zionist Likud hardliner suggested paying Palestinian families $500,000 each to emigrate from the West Bank to the West.

Moshe Feiglin, who earlier on Tuesday was detained by Israeli police after trying to pray at the so-called Temple Mount, proposed paying Palestinians to leave West Bank.

“The State of Israel is paying 10% of its GNP every year for the two-state solution and the Oslo Accords. It’s paying for separation fences, Iron Domes and a guard at every café. Soon we’ll have to place Iron Domes in every school in Tel Aviv.

“With this budget we can give every Arab family in Judea and Samaria $500,000 to encourage it to immigrate to a place with a better future.

“You may say, ‘But no one will have them.’ That’s not true because the Western nations are shrinking due to low birth rates. The question is whether the world will have Sudanese migrants who can’t build or migrants from Judea and Samaria who do know how to build.”

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  1. Offer the $500,000 it to the Jews from New York and Chicago, to go back where they came from. In fact, out of Israel as well. The world is has had it with the disgusting existence of Israel. And from what I have learned it was all went wrong from the beginning of Zionism, the Balfour Declaration, Truman being bought and paid for and his obedient “recognition of the Jewish state; on up to the war of 1967 which included the attempted false flag attack on the USS Liberty designed to sink her and have Egypt hit with two hydrogen nuclear bombs. And as the history has continued, nothing good has ever come out it!

    Yes, I am saying, ISRAEL HAS NO RIGHT TO EXIST. They are preventing the Palestinians from having a state. They have maliciously inserted themselves into the internal and external affairs of the United States, which was bad enough already; but made all the worse through association and conspiracy; most notoriously in the planning, execution, and cover-up of 9/11.


    Comment by puredemocracyrevolution | January 2, 2013

  2. Israel by its very existence undermines the purpose of religion. All human beings should be free to practice a religion of choice while showing respect for the religion of another. There is no superiority in religion. It is dogmatism that denigrates religion because of the inability of its adherents to see all human beings as products of a divine source. If a man chooses to worship a stone as his God, that is his choice and we should respect that choice. There are some of us who have the capacity to understand the interconnectedness of the human family in spite of differences in religious choice, tribes and ethnicity. We can agree to disagree but there must be respect for choice. We, human beings differ from each other down to our finger tips, yet if you cut one of us, red blood spouts. Israel symbolizes intolerance and all that is wrong with religion when rituals take possession of the hearts of men. The challenge is to live in a society with different religions, treating each man equally. It is religious superiority and inferiority that is contributing to dissensions among religions. The solution is not agnosticism or atheism for those who choose to believe in a creator. It is tolerance and respect of people’s choices.


    Comment by Ribeekah | January 2, 2013

  3. Israeli has reaped more than $500,000 ea from Israel illegal occupation, and the appropriation of Palestinian $$$ taxes and resources. Expecting the Palestinians to accept $500,000 from their own loot is like the perpetrator who raped and robbed you expect gratitude if he offers you a pittance from your own purse, for he thinks he is doing you a favor.

    The solution is for the Palestinians to kick the horde of est. Euro migrant squatters back to Poland or Russia from whence they came.


    Comment by lydia | January 3, 2013

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