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Cameron ‘regrets’ Amritsar massacre but quiet about testing poison gas on Indians before WWII

Press TV – February 28, 2013

British Prime Minister David Cameron stood on the Indian soil recently, expressing condolences on the Amritsar massacre, the bloodbath of unarmed civilians in 1919. But Britain had committed far more shameful crimes against this former colony which no condolence could ever cleanse.

Britain’s testing poisonous gas on Indian soldiers before WWII is among the most notorious atrocities in Britain’s colonial history, leaving hundreds of Indians dead and the surviving victims severely injured.

According to the discovered National Archive documents, British military scientists from the Porton Down chemical warfare establishment in Wiltshir sent Indian soldiers into gas chambers to test mustard gas during more than a decade of experiments that began in the early 1930s before the Second World War.

The experiments, which took place in Rawalpindi military site, now in Pakistan, aimed at determining the amount of poison gas needed to produce a casualty on the battlefield.

According to the revealed document, these tests were part of a much larger program intended to test the effects of chemical weapons on human beings.

Being exposed to mustard gas, many Indian soldiers suffered severe burns on their skin, including their genitals, leaving them in pain for days and even weeks. Some had to be treated in hospital but British military did not even check up on the victims to see if any illnesses were developed.

“Severely burned patients are often very miserable and depressed and in considerable discomfort, which must be experienced to be properly realized,” the scientists wrote.

It is now recognized that mustard gas can cause cancer and severe damage to health.

But this is not the end of the story. More than 20,000 British soldiers were also subjected to nerve gas and mustard gas trials at Porton between 1916 and 1989, many of whom say they were deceived to take part in the experiments.

This question comes to one’s mind, how can Britain be an advocate of human rights in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, and many other countries around the world, while the country has the poorest record of human rights violations all through its disgraceful history?!

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  1. And they (GB, US) blame Nazi Germany for atrocities. Time for for revision to the “victors” history of WWII.


    Comment by Bid Red | March 1, 2013

    • It’s not just the Zionists that have a major stake in the “6 million died in gas chambers” dogma.


      Comment by aletho | March 1, 2013

  2. The ‘truth’ of ‘history’ on earth, is that the ‘powers that be, on earth’ know how to ‘change’ it. In a world of lies, the ‘truth teller, {‘aletho’ for instance,} is considered to be a ‘conspiracy theorist’. ‘They’ have made that term out to be opposite of what it is.. one who examines conspiracy theories is now seen as ‘one who is a conspirator’. Ignorance and blind hatred have made people ashamed of being ‘different’. But being different is good.. NOT bad. I am the most unique ‘person’ on earth. I have found truth, and am proud of knowing it. NO ONE can deter me from my goal. My goal is going home to heaven to be with my heart, my God, my Creator. I have alot of great quotes posted around my desk.. one of them is: ” Beware when the great God lets loose a thinker on this planet’. I like to think I am one of those. There is nothing this world hates more than a rational ‘thinker’. Trust me when I say…. they hate me.

    A quote that pertains to this subject is: “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” This quote explains what happened to earth. The u.s. & israel have taken control of the whole earth. If you don’t believe me, do a search to see how many military bases are in the 195 countries. How much of the earth does great britian control? Vatican? ‘Religions’ as a whole. Everything religions teach is a lie. It is all a lie. Spirituality is the knowledge of God. A relationship with God. Not being afraid to speak HIS name….and certainly NOT ashamed of Him.

    When one knows why the earth was created… and the way to ‘succeed’ on earth is to lie cheat and steal, explains why there are so many evil ‘people’. Tell me who/what you love … and I will tell you ‘who’ you are.

    My point is, that I have had the privilege to be almost entirely secluded for the past 8 years, to find what it means to ‘live’ on earth. All of history can be changed by 8 men sitting around the table in Dallas Texas, and the schoolbooks teach whatever ‘the powers that be’ want to be taught. All men in power ultimately bow to satan/lucifer. What is taught in school now is so evil, so pornagraphic, so disgusting, it would make a grown man cry. Why would we think anything is the truth? So, when we want truth, it can be a very confusing and daunting venture.

    In actuality, I have found that all it takes is a healthy dose of common sense. Most of the non holy bible is evil. Because ‘they’ have hidden the one true word of God behind guarded lock and key in the basement of the vatican. The place they hide all the gold and riches they have stolen. What is ‘written’ is the way ‘they’ want to confuse you. It takes the desire to dig deeper than they can hide it and then you find the riches you deserve to find. The truth. The truth is: the bible AND history was rewritten in 1947 to deceive all people that jews/nazis were Gods ‘chosen’. A Just and Holy Omnipotent GOD cannot be two faces. Satanists wrote that book and instead of calling the evil ones Nazis, they called them ‘jews’. Common sense. When things don’t make sense, they are LIES. I love Helen Thomas. She had the guts to set them straight in washington d.c. She suffered for it, but she did it anyway. The link is below.


    Comment by Spiritwoman1213 | March 1, 2013

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