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Israel segregates West Bank bus line

Al-Akhbar | March 3, 2013

Israel on Monday will begin segregating certain buses in the occupied West Bank to appease Jewish settlers who say they are afraid of sharing a ride with Palestinians, Israeli media reported.

Buses operated by the Afikim bus company that transport passengers from the Eyal checkpoint into central Israel will now have separate lines for settlers and Palestinians.

Unnamed sources from Israel’s transportation ministry told Ynet that the project was developed to calm the nerves of settlers who say that Arabs pose a security threat.

But officially, the ministry has billed the controversial move as a plan to “improve services.”

“The new lines are not separate lines for Palestinians but rather two designated lines meant to improve the services offered to Palestinian workers who enter Israel through Eyal Crossing,” Ynet quoted a ministry statement as saying.

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  1. ‘who say they are afraid of sharing a ride with Palestinians’. They should be. The energies of each, good and evil is very strong…. The good ones always make evil fearful… especially NOW.

    Typical of bullies to deflect their evilness by pretending ‘they’ fear innocent, peace-loving ‘prisoners’. Hold tight to God Palestinians.. your time is coming. And you, evil pawns of satan who call themselves IS RA EL names that mean evil fake satanic gods.. your time is coming also..not only YOU, but ALL those who support you…………………… be afraid………….be VERY afraid.


    Comment by Spiritwoman1213 | March 3, 2013

  2. Fucking ass holes


    Comment by vernon s | March 3, 2013

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