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US to Up Military Aid to Israel to $4 Billion

By Richard Edmondson | War and Politics | March 24, 2013

We are now beginning to get the fallout—that is to say, we are beginning to discover what Obama’s recent trip to Israel has cost America. Yesterday I put up a post entitled American Taxpayers to Take it on the Chin in Gaza Flotilla ‘Apology’ in which I discussed an apparent agreement reached between Obama and Netanyahu for the latter to issue an apology to Turkey over the killing of nine people aboard the Turkish vessel the Mavi Marmara in 2010. I openly suggested that in order to wrangle such an apology, some sort of backroom deal must have been worked out that would cost US taxpayers. What I speculated was that the money Israel is to pay into a victims compensation fund would in reality be supplied by America. But it seems we may be footing an even much larger bill than that.

The following was published today at the website The story makes clear that Obama has “doubled down on U.S. security support” for Israel” and also informs us he intends taking steps to ensure there will be “no interruption” in US aid to Israel’s missile defense system, this in spite of the fact that we are facing sequestration-mandated budget cuts. In fact, it appears US assistance to the Jewish state is headed upwards—from the present level of $3.1 billion a year up to $4 billion.

Alert readers will recall, of course, that at the AIPAC policy conference, held just a few weeks ago, a top priority was pushing for aid to Israel to be exempted from sequestration. This is discussed here in an article by blogger MJ Rosenberg, and I also discussed it in a post here. In my own article I supplied a link, here, to a site listing Congress members accepting money from pro-Israel PACs and actually ranking them in terms of how much money they raked in over a six-year period spanning 2006-2012.

One House member who scored relatively high on the list—and I mention this as a follow-up to the article I posted a couple of days ago on what appears to have been a chemical weapons attack in Syria—was Mike Rogers (R-MI), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Well, guess what? Just today Rogers appeared on CBS Face the Nation claiming that the proverbial “red line has been crossed” in Syria and calling for a US military intervention.

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  1. One thing that the 2012 Elections revealed to me are who are the geese laying the golden eggs in the US. Also, I now see how Obama was able to rise to the top so quickly to assume the role of Commander in Chief, this is not to take away from his intellectual prowess. However, I am inclined to agree with the whisperings that he was selected before he was elected. Everything that the neocons could not get done before, they are pushing through their agenda domestically and internationally under Obama’s presidency. In spite of its budget deficit, the US appears to have a bottomless pit from which money is conjured up to provide aid to Israel while its infrastructure falls apart and unemployment remains high. In the meantime, the neocons continue to hatch plots for a direct intervention war in Syria and to continue beating the drums of war for Iran. This is all happening while the economies of Europe continue to fall like a domino and the US has unpaid wars on a credit card. Maybe, the neocons have a plan how they can forfeit paying for those wars and future wars.


    Comment by Ribeekah | March 25, 2013

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