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Israeli military court sentences cartoonist to five months in jail

Palestine Information Center – 06/04/2013

DataFiles-Cache-TempImgs-2013-1-images_News_2013_04_06_sabana_300_0JENIN — The Israeli military court in Salem, north of Jenin, has sentenced Palestinian cartoonist Mohammed Sabana to five months imprisonment on the charge of contacting “hostile parties”.

Family members told the PIC reporter on Saturday that the court passed the sentence on Friday and charged Sabana with making such contacts during his visit to Jordan.

They said that the charges were unfounded, adding that the sentence was illegal and proved the summary trials conducted against Palestinian citizens.

The relatives affirmed that Sabana was not involved with any political party or organization and was just an activist who employs his cartoons in exposing the Israeli occupation’s crimes.

Sabana was arrested on his return from Jordan last February and held for interrogation. His brother, Thamer, was also detained for his pro-prisoners’ activities.

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  1. Have these people really lost their mind?

    Sentencing a cartoonist for “contacting the enemy” …………

    What enemy? What contacts? A civilian sentenced by a military court?

    What kind of country has Israel become?

    Simple answer: a racist, sick, rogue and unlawful country, were hate, discrimination, bigotry, racism and xenophobism rules!

    Short: a country that seems to have lost its legality to exist!


    Comment by masteradrian | April 6, 2013 | Reply

  2. Yupp, and where are the ehhh…. uhhhhh., charlie, something, where art thue.
    Where are the Clooneys, the freedom of expresion heens.
    Where are the marching hords.

    You see, and they blame us for been “conspiracy nutts” and I for once is fully agreing on what Erdogan sayed.
    When the western MSM is screaming about freeom of expresion etc. a.s.o.
    If you dont belive in this hate propaganda, and the war on islam/christianity, is a false flagg, meant to instigate hate against muslims, that the MSM dont does this with a purpouse, paye by the robberbarons and their minions, the prestitutes in the western whorehouse the MSM, isnt intended to fuel more wars and/or hatred.
    The silence is earshatering.
    The hypocasy is very telling this days, and to me, its revealing, and done by them selfs.
    Thank you, scums.

    And as sayed before I dont belive a word, about this reasent terrorism, nothing is true, every despecable propaganda lie is permitted this days, and the braindead sheeps nods along.



    Comment by mikael | January 17, 2015 | Reply

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