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Argentina: Work To Remove Columbus Statue Begins

By George Nelson | The Argentina Independent | May 31, 2013

Work has begun to remove the Cristopher Columbus monument from behind the Casa Rosada and transport it to Mar del Plata. A press conference is due later today to explain the move, which has attracted criticism from a number of social organisations. The statue is due to be replaced with a figure of Juana Azurduy de Padilla, a Latin American guerrilla military leader.

A crane and container started preparation work this morning but many regard the monument as part of Argentina’s cultural heritage and are concerned the statue might be damaged during the move. A quiet protest of “symbolic hugs” took place earlier this year under the monument in a bid to stop the removal from taking place.

However, a large group of protestors gathered metres away from the Casa Rosada today to vent their anger. Federal Police officers are guarding the statue while Buenos Aires mayor, Mauricio Macri, of the party PRO, has stated his desire to keep the monument where it is.

A PRO spokesperson said: “If the government wishes to remove the Christopher Columbus they must go through the necessary legislation. It belongs to the city.”

The statue is made of Carrara marble, weighs around 38 tonnes, and stands at over six metres tall. The monument has been declared part of the Buenos Aires’ cultural and historical heritage and city officials are therefore claiming the government does not have the authority to remove it.

Bolvian president Evo Morales approved the move and has donated US$1m towards the transfer project.

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  1. Christopher Columbus should be remove from every part of the hemisphere, as he was an abuser of the indigenous people in confabulation with the Catholic Church & clinsing of any race that were not like by him or the church. I’m glad Argentina replace his statue.

    Comment by Dora León | January 3, 2016

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