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Israeli Army Test-fires Nuclear-Capable Ballistic Missile

Al-Manar | July 13, 2013

The Zionist military has test-fired a new long-range ballistic missile reportedly capable of carrying a nuclear, chemical or biological warhead.

The military described Friday’s launch from a base on the Mediterranean coast as the test of the propulsion system of a missile on which it declined to elaborate, AFP reported.

“This morning, Israel conducted a launching test from the Palmachim base of a rocket propulsion system,” the Israeli ministry for military affairs said in a brief statement.

“The scheduled test was pre-planned… and was carried out as expected,” it added.

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  1. One day, when it is to late – Europe is going to wake up to the fact that Israel is threatening them with nukes.

    The West is near death – Jew oligarch banks, media, and money control its culture, markets, and democracies. Honest discourse is not allowed.

    The derogation of culture is most apparent in America. Jew sensibilities rule over Christian norms and idealism.

    Abortion, single parent families, homosexuality, tribal race divisions, and a hopelessness inspired need for ever more government are all championed by the Jew media. The past goods are now bad. And the old bads are now good. How sick!

    George Orwell’s The Animal Farm is here and now.


    Comment by JohnJ | July 13, 2013

    • It sounds as though you need to watch TV more and think for yourself less.


      Comment by aletho | July 13, 2013

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