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Netanyahu urges increased US pressure on Iran, Rouhani regrets “warmongering group” blocking constructive talks

Aletho News | August 7, 2013

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday evening urged increasing pressure on Iran relating to her nuclear program and warned that “if the pressure will drop, nothing would deter Iran from achieving its nuclear goals” according to Israeli media reports.

During a meeting with a delegation of 36 American congressmen headed by Congressman Steny Hoyer, Netanyahu claimed that though Iran’s president said pressure wouldn’t help, in the last two decades pressure was the only thing that helped.

Addressing Iranian President Hasan Rouhani’s speech regarding the nuclear issue, Netanyahu said in a Tuesday statement that pressure on Iran had, in fact, been effective.

“Iran’s president said that pressure won’t work. Not true! The only thing that has worked in the last two decades is pressure,” the prime minister stressed.

“And the only thing that will work now is increased pressure. I have said that before and I’ll say it again, because that’s important to understand. You relent on the pressure, they will go all the way. You should sustain the pressure”.

In its latest measure against Iran, the US House of Representatives last Wednesday approved a bill to impose tougher sanctions on Tehran’s oil exports and financial sector.

The bill, which must be approved by the Senate and signed by President Barack Obama to become law, seeks to cut Iran’s oil exports by one million barrels per day over a year.

Meanwhile, Press TV reports that in his first press conference since he took office on August 4, Rohani expressed regret that the “warmongering group” in the US opposes constructive Tehran-Washington talks by serving the interests of “a foreign regime.”

The Iranian chief executive said Iran is closely monitoring all measures taken by the United States and will respond properly to Washington’s “practical and constructive” moves. He further expressed the Islamic Republic’s readiness to hold talks with any country within the framework of Iran’s national interests.

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  1. Okay, Binny; if you really feel that way; here’s your rifle…

    But I, like most Americans, are tired of seeing our kids get killed in wars on Israel’s enemies, mostly because it is a fool’s errand. As long as Israel gets other people to fight their wars for them, they will go on making enemies faster than the US can kill them. Israel is supposed to be an independent nation for the safety and security of the Jewish people. Well, after 60+ years, it is time for Israel to be independent, to fight their own wars, and stop surviving on financial handouts form the rest of the world.


    Comment by Michael F Rivero | August 7, 2013

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