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Against War in Syria: The Great Parliamentary Revolt of 2013

This video, introduced by journalist Joshua Blakeney, offers a selection of the best anti-war speeches delivered during the House of Commons debate on Syria that took place on August 29, 2013. The Con-Dem Coalition had proposed taking Britain into yet another war to help destabilize one of Israel’s adversaries, Syria. However, unlike in 2003 with the Iraq war, a sufficient number of British MPs were able to see through the war propaganda and voted to refrain from deploying UK forces to flight against the people of Syria.

Oded Yinon Plan:…

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  1. I recommend viewing this video of the British House of Commons Syria bombing debate. It shows the world that the UK public and their elected representatives if not the UK government is disgusted and categorically opposed to participating in an Israeli punishment and US colonial adventurism against sovereign Syria.

    It is clear the British people understand that you cannot punish a country with a bombing campaign without starting a total war against that country and no war can be begun and won without achieving the destruction of the peoples’ willingness to defend themselves resulting in their utter capitulation.

    Syria is a secular multicultural state where religious sectarian rights are protected but prohibited from ascendancy (as in the No Religious Test Clause in the USA) to becoming a theocracy or allow the electoral contest of a theocratic party. Syria for many years has been defending itself against US funded Salafist / Muslim Brotherhood attempts to undermine the secular nature of Syria and convert it into a theocracy intolerant of religious and sectarian differences.

    If Syria is over-run by the US funded theocratic invaders (aka rebels), it will be converted into a Sunni theocracy along Wahabbi Saudi lines and it will be intolerant of secular and multi-cultural participation in government.

    Making Syria into a GCC & Israeli dependent governate pending its fragmentation and balkanization is the war objective of the USA on behalf of the the Saudi and Zionist funders of the US political parties. Syria will be ethnically cleansed and the current refugees from the US funded invasion and terrorism will not be allowed to return. Is this what ordinary canadians and americans want for Syria?


    Comment by Michael Major\\ | September 6, 2013 | Reply

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