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Lavrov: Russia convinced Syria chemical attack a “provocation”

A-Akhbar | September 17, 2013

Russia remains convinced that the August 21 poison gas attack in Syria was a provocation by rebel forces and says a report by UN inspectors does not answer all of its questions about the attack, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Tuesday.

Speaking at a press conference alongside French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius a day after UN inspectors confirmed the use of the nerve agent sarin, Lavrov took a different view to France and other Western states which say they believe that Syrian government forces were behind the attack.

“We have the most serious basis to believe that this was a provocation,” Lavrov said.

The foreign ministers said that they had the same aim of ending the bloodshed, but disagreed on the methods to get there.

Fabius said there was a “difference in the approach on the methods.”

(Reuters, AFP)

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  1. ‘……. they believe……’
    I do not believe they believe that, in fact, it is facts that must be proven to make war, not merely a, ‘……. they believe……’!

    Does anyone seriously believe former Secretary of State Colin Powell on Iraq? Should have anyone believed him!? That’s the question! And after Obama as president has proven himself a complete liar, tantamount to total election fraud, that anyone who voted for that war criminal, must know by now! They do not need believe Obama is a prime instigator of wars of aggression, it is an inescapable fact!

    Therefore, all orders given to commit acts of aggression, aimed at the destruction and mass murder of the population of Syria, is an UNLAWFUL ORDER, and must be rejected to be consistent with their oath of allegiance “‘to support and defend the constitution against all enemies, domestic and foreign.'”

    We are in a moral and constitutional crisis. That too is a fact, as is that there is no justification for attacking Syria, anymore than Iraq, Afghanistan, Panama, Vietnam, and the Mexican-American war; and the list goes on; but must stop!!!

    In short, the Government of the United States of America, has NO CREDIBILITY! Except in the gullible minds of the “true believers” who will “believe” the lies, willingly; rather than the facts, for they hate the messenger of that truth and like seeing the police violate them brutally in the street and in the courts. Therefore, if one believes Obama, they will believe in repression, torture, assassination, wars of aggression, and that war crimes are OK if Obama says, ‘Yes we can!’


    Comment by Bill Mitchell | September 17, 2013

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