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Penny for your thoughts | October 2, 2013

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

Think of your smart phone as being equal to or the same as, an ankle monitoring bracelet forced on an alleged criminal.

“An ankle monitor (also known as a tether, or ankle bracelet) is a device that individuals under house arrest or parole are often required to wear. At timed intervals, the ankle monitor sends a radio frequency signal containing location and other information to a receiver.”

That sounds exactly like your smart phone?

The one thing that makes it different is that a criminal is forced to wear such a device and you are choosing to use and pay for own tracking! You are wearing, carrying, accessorizing your own electronic monitoring device. What a gift to the powers that shouldn’t be!

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

Undeleted Evidence

Let’s peruse a checklist of personal data collected from you by Apple technology shall we?

  • Voiceprints (SIRI/phone) ✓
  • Fingerprint(s) ✓
  • Your exact geo-location via GPS ✓
  • Up-to-date pictures of you, your friends and family ✓
  • Email contents ✓
  • Names, addresses and phone numbers of all your contacts ✓
  • Every detail of the items stored in your Calendar ✓
  • Surveillance audio taken from the built-in microphone ✓
  • Your browsing history and bookmarks ✓

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  1. Good points.

    I don’t have a cell phone, which doesn’t really matter, since my RFID-sized monitoring devices are embedded in my ears, since I was sold into slavery via catholic adoption. Every so often, I get this weird buzzing feeling coming through one or the other, & going into my ear canal. Either it is tracking me, or downloading crap into my brain, or both.

    Any transmitter can easily be made into a receiver. Combine that with the flicker-rate hypnosis from TV & movies, & you know what you got?

    I have video proof of them here:

    I’m so sick of this slave state. It is simply disgusting what they are doing.

    I hope that somehow, some day, these selfish megalomaniacs (the likes of which include people like Ewen Cameron-responsible for psychic driving technique & Jose Delgado-began research into brain stimulation in the 1950s) are forced to live the hell they have put people like me through.

    Sorry… I didn’t mean to go off in the comments section of your article… but… I am just so fed up with it!

    Comment by musicis2words | October 3, 2013 | Reply

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