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Why does it still matter?

JFK Murder Solved

“There is no doubt now that there was a conspiracy, yet most of us are not very angry about it. The conspiracy to kill the president of the United States was also a conspiracy against the democratic system –and thus a conspiracy against you. I think you should get very angry about that.” – Gaeton Fonzi, Investigator HSCA

It matters because the murder of President Kennedy was not only a conspiracy but a true coup d etat. The powers behind it, did not only come away with it, but took control over the new government and orchestrated the cover-up. These powers included some of the highest elected officials like president Lyndon Johnson and later presidents, FBI director J. Edgar Hoover, former CIA director Allen Dulles, John McCloy and Arlen Specter.

It matters because a coup d’etat that was successfully kept secret in a democratic country means, by default, that the succeeding government was illegitimate.

It matters because the American government continues to LIE about the Kennedy assassination. The vast majority of the American people does not believe the official version because of a preponderance of evidence to the contrary, evidence that was uncovered not by the government but by private concerned citizens. The majority of the American people KNOWS their government is still lying. How can Americans honestly export their democratic values and principles with the knowledge that their government is lying?

It matters because if the government is still lying about the Kennedy assassination, it essentially means that the powers that killed John F. Kennedy are still in charge this very day. Therefore the Kennedy assassination is NOT just an historical event of a distant past. It is an event that has changed the course of history and has set the stage for the political situation of today. In short, it has affected all our lives to some extent, but we do not know exactly how or why.

It matters because the mainstream media continues to support, and even endorse, the official version of the Kennedy assassination. We must, therefore, seriously question if there is indeed freedom of speech and freedom of press in America.

It matters because the framing of Lee Harvey Oswald, his denial of a fair legal representation and trial, and the systematic distortion of his legacy, is one of the great injustices in American history, not only to him, but for his family and the American people as a whole.

It matters because John F. Kennedy was not the only one that was killed. The path to the truth is littered with dead bodies of mostly innocent and patriotic people killed just because they knew something, just because they had seen something, or because they tried to expose a level of corruption that, at the time, was unequaled in American history. And some of these cases are in a much less distant past than the death of John F. Kennedy.

If the citizens of a democratic society are not able to uncover the truth about the assassination of their own elected president, they effectively have no control over their destiny. They may want, and indeed need, to believe differently but that does not make it less of a lie. In short: Wake up, get angry and take your country back!

Why does every American know the expression: “I love my country, but I don’t trust my government”? America is indeed a great country. It should stay that way.

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  1. It still matters because on that day our nation suffered a coup d’etat. Our legal government was taken over by the very people who were guilty of the murder of our beloved President. Kennedy was killed because he wanted to shut down the CIA, repeal the Federal Reserve Act and not go to war in Viet nam.

    All the laws that have passed in our federal government since that time are not valid.
    We need to rise up and demand that there be trials for the people involved in planning and carrying out the plan to assassinate John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

    We then must elect new people that are in no way involved with the evil that has taken over our government. We vote only for people who are not now and have never been members of either the Democratic or Republican party.

    All the appointments to the Supreme Court since the coup d’etat are also not valid. We will need to totally replace all people elected of appointed after the death of JFK.

    This means no CIA, no NSA, no Homeland Security, no Patriot Act, no Citizens United, no War on Terror and at last a true democracy in our nation that will act as directed by the people of t his nation.


    Comment by wantrealdemocracy | February 2, 2015 | Reply

  2. We need a fricking author’s name affixed to the original post, damn it! I’d prefer that author list a number of non-violent actions that “more angry people” could take, actions not destroying essential civic and community property, not hurting others — other protesters or bystanders, not attacking or threatening police and swat teams, but by their non-violent let “full of emotional and righteous force of their truth telling” keeping that well armed opposition to them relatively passive. And embarrassing quite literally the hell out of the Miscreants in their communities with more of that truth telling day after day until they quit any public office they may hold and resign any corporation that may be corrupting local or state politics !!!


    Comment by jenniwoo | February 3, 2015 | Reply

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