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American ‘business’ tourist to Iran was CIA agent

Robert Levinson who went missing in southern Iran in 2007 was working for the CIA
Press T V – December 13, 2013

A recent investigation has found that an American who went missing in southern Iran in 2007 was working for the Central Intelligence Agency in the US.

Retired FBI agent Robert Levinson disappeared on March 9, 2007, during a visit to Iran’s Kish Island in the Persian Gulf.

The US State Department insisted that Levinson was a private citizen who had traveled to Kish on private business.

Nevertheless, more than six years after Levinson’s disappearance, the Associated Press has revealed that he was recruited by the CIA to run unauthorized spying operations.

According to the AP, the CIA paid $2.5 million to Levinson’s family in a bid to pre-empt a revealing lawsuit.

Even after they learned about Levinson’s CIA ties, officials at the White House, the FBI, and the State Department did not change the official story, insisting that he was “a private citizen involved in private business.”

The AP first found about Levinson’s involvement with the CIA’s spying operations in 2010; however, they withheld the story several times at the behest of the US government.

The AP’s revelation is based on documents obtained or reviewed by the New York-based news agency and interviews with a number of current and former officials from the US and other countries, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

The CIA is generally made up of two groups: operatives, who gather intelligence and hire spies, and analysts, who receive strands of intelligence and decode them.

Although Levinson was recruited by a team of CIA analysts and his contract with the CIA, worth about $85,000, required him to write reports for the agency based on his travel and expertise, he started to gather intelligence from the onset instead of writing reports.

In order to keep Levinson’s operations secret, the CIA had instructed him not to mail any packages to the agency’s headquarters in Langley, Virginia, or email documents to US government addresses.

Instead, he had to send the intelligence he had gathered to the private home of a CIA analyst named Anne Jablonski in Virginia and contact Jablonski’s personal email account if he needed any instructions.

Levinson’s whereabouts and captors are not known; however, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in 2011 that Washington believed he was “being held somewhere in southwest Asia.”

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  1. Wonder if Amy Goodman of Democracy Now is going to cover this story. I doubt it!


    Comment by 4justice | December 13, 2013

    • If anyone could point out, or post, the archive of Amy Goodman’s “report” on this topic a couple of years ago (2009?) it would probably expose her slanted inclination when it comes to information relevant to Judeo-centric interests.

      I remember at the time, I listened to that specific segment of DN on my way to SFO airport, being not very focused. But i had to stop the car, because for the first time it downed on me that she may well NOT be at all the straight shooter she portrays herself being. An opinion in the meanwhile verified, leaving no room for any doubt, to the point that i have ceased to listen to DN altogether.

      Since then, i discovered the “progressive” political scene in the USA, which was my lifeline, was just as infiltrated by treasonous Judeo-centric groups, and that their nefarious activity was far more dangerous even that the openly war-and hate-mongers who have seized power and capital in the US, ruined it, destroyed it, and killed millions around the globe.

      From any angle you look at it, Controlled Opposition strangulates opposition, thereby being even more murderous than the hate&war mongers, because Controlled Opposition subtly disables the only resistance apt to defeat the sinister plotters who have already dragged this shrunken planet at the edge of an abyss.


      Comment by Walt | December 15, 2013

  2. Well, to her credit, she *did* cover it. Now, if she would only correct her accusation to then President Ahmadinejad that Iran executes teenagers for nothing more than being gay. This claim had long been discredited by groups like Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, but I guess Amy hadn’t gotten the memo…


    Comment by 4justice | December 13, 2013

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