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Pro-Israel groups slam Berlin festival

Press TV – February 13, 2014

Pro-Israel lobbies in Germany have reacted angrily to a decision by the Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) to honor a director who supports boycotting the Israeli regime.

The 64th annual film festival is set to grant on Thursday an honorary Golden Bear to Ken Loach, the British film director critical of Tel Aviv’s policies.

In a statement on the festival’s website, Berlinale Director Dieter Kosslick said he admires Loach for his “profound interest in people and their individual fates, as well as his critical commitment to society.”

However, German pro-Israel groups expressed anger at the decision.

Deidre Berger, head of the Berlin office of the American Jewish Committees (AJL), claimed that Loach “uses his prominence to call for a cultural boycott of Israel.”

She also said it was a “disgrace” for the festival to pander to the film director distinguished through what she described as “bigotry.”

The British director of such films as, My Name is Joe, and, Bread and Roses, has repeatedly called for the boycott of Israel over its treatment of Palestinians.

In a recent interview with the German daily Der Tagesspiegel, Loach said Israel had broken international laws, lied to the world about its nuclear weapons, confiscated lands from Palestinians, and thrown Palestinian children in prison.

Loach also said the boycott of Tel Aviv is the only way to accomplish what neither the United Nations nor the United States did to force Israel to return the occupied Palestinian lands to their true owners.

Meanwhile, the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against the Israeli regime is gaining momentum all across the globe.

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  1. The only disgrace is the fact that a person with the jewish faith defends a policy that is the same as the policy by the national socialists!
    The state of Israel practices the same policies towards the Palestinians as the national socialists of adolf hitler and consorts practiced towards the ancestors of Deidre Berger, and in fact should she be ashamed, deeply ashamed to be connected with the state of Israel!
    Because when she would have some honor in her body she would speak out a clear condemnation of the practices of and by the state of Israel!

    The apartheid policies of the state of Israel deserve nothing else then condemnation, boycott and exposure of its nature!

    The acts of starvation (equaling the practice by the national socialists towards the jewish people in the ghetto of Warsaw), oppression (equaling the practices by the national socialist towards the jewish people in cities europe wide during WW2), segregation (equaling the practices by the national socialists by forcing people with the jewish faith to live in ghettos), and the degradations of Palestinian People (equaling the practices of and by the national socialists towards people with the jewish faith all around europe during WW2) devalue and invalidate the existence of the state of Israel by definition!

    The state of Israel is build upon the bones and ashes of all the people with the jewish faith who were suffering tortured and murdered by the national socialists of adolf hitler, and the future state of Palestinian People will be and is build upon the suffering, tortures and murders by the state of Israel!

    My opinion!


    Comment by masteradrian | February 13, 2014 | Reply

  2. Boycott Tel Aviv? Why Tel Aviv and not Haifa or Beer Sheba?

    Btw, Loach is a great Fascist and I don’t believe him. What laws Israel broke? Hadn’t the Arabs in Israel land break any law? How Israel lied to the world about its nuclear weapons when Israel didn’t say that nothing on this subject? What lands Israel confiscated from Palestinians? Israel don’t touch any Palestinians’ land. Israel doesn’t throw Palestinian children in prison but only terrorists and law brokers, according to international law and forth Geneva conventions.

    Israel haters’ Falsetinian proPALganda liars teach us that they are desperate lunatic fascists that lost hope !!!


    Comment by israebest | February 14, 2014 | Reply

    • In reply, till today Israel denies the existence of nuclear weaponry owned by the state of Israel, thus it is lying about owning nuclear weapons.
      Israel is denying international organization(s) to inspect its nuclear facilities but demands it from other countries (fi Iran), no proof has been given by the accuser (Israel) that Iran develops/ed, maintains/ed nuclear weaponry, and that what was referred to as proof by Israel has turned out to be false (I refer to reports from and by the UN).
      As to the “taking Palestinian land” denial….. You are denying that Israel is occupying the Gaza Strip? In as well a military sense, as administrative as economically?
      Then please do satisfy my question when I observe that for instance fishermen who fish in Palestinian national waters are fired at by Israel gunboats, the fishermen are arrested in Palestinian national waters and kidnapped to Israel harbors, their boats destroyed and fishermen jailed (I refer to reports of the HRA and the UN), and please also satisfy my question when I observe that people who live in the Gaza Strip are collectively punished when some fool fires a self-made rocket that doesn’t do any harm, were you better then any one else should know that punishing a group of collectively is a war-crime!
      And to end this reply, please do satisfy my curiosity when I observe that children as young as 10, 12 year old are arrested, jailed and tortured (mentally, physically and sexually abused) while being incarcerated by the Israel military judicial system for throwing stones at armoured vehicles (again referring to reports from independent organizations like HRA, the UN, and the EU), and why peaceful protestors against the occupation are directly and in close range fired at by Israel military in such ways and manners that these people are needing serious medical attention, and even die due to such firings!

      I think and feel that the state of Israel is an Apartheid state, a Police state and a state were democracy has been abandoned! And such a state has lost its right to have a voice, and should be boycotted, even to the point of non-existence!


      Comment by masteradrian | February 14, 2014 | Reply

  3. masteradrian, your stupid opinion denied !


    Comment by israebest | February 14, 2014 | Reply

    • Thanks for the qualification, it shows your own rating system of valuing other people’s opinions, not mine.

      But what i am interested in though, is why you qualify my comment as stupid!
      Without any assumption on and or about your intelligence and knowledge of historic facts, you can not disagree with me that the acts by the state of Israel against and towards the Palestinian People are at least to be qualified as anti-human, anti-social, and above all… anti-jewish values!
      As you are no doubt aware, hopefully you will acknowledge that, the whole international community has condemned the creation of the Separation Wall, has condemned the occupation of the areas we all know are occupied by the state of Israel!
      And no I am not referring here to lobbying biased self-proclaimed Israel-funded little organizations, but to independent international institutions like for instance the United Nations, the International Court of Justice, and the European Court of Human Rights.

      And you can not deny that what is being done by and through the state of Israel to Palestinian People equals that what the national socialist thugs of adof hitler did to the jews in Europe prior to and during the WorldWar 2 period, can you?
      Depriving people of the basic needs to survive was done by these thugs, the state of Israel is in 2014 depriving people of the Gaza Strip of bread, water, heat, when not speaking of social and economical survival!

      I am very well aware of the need of security for the state of Israel, but in 2014 all states are in need of security due to the existence of religious terrorism, including jewish religious terrorism!


      Comment by masteradrian | February 14, 2014 | Reply

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