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Mossad in Malaysia

Rehmat’s World | April 22, 2010

On April 4, 2010 – Malaysia’s internationally known politician, Anwar Ibrahim (born 1947), country’s former Deputy Prime Minister (1993-98) and Finance Minister (1991-98) and currently the Opposition leader – claimed that Israeli intelligence agents (Mossad) have infiltrated into Malaysia’s Bukit Aman (Federal Police headquarter in Kuala Lumpur). The espionage link to Israel is the company named Asiasoft Global Pte Ltd. (Singapore), which has worked as a sub-contractor to upgrade the telecommunication systems for the police. Two of the directors of the firm, Izhak David Nakar and Ido Schechter, are reportedly Israeli citizens.

However, this is not the first time the ‘Israeli connection’ has been raised. In 2008, the Malaysian Home Minister told Parliament: “Then between November and December, a police report was lodged by the responsible police officers and investigated by one ASP Sairah. Then Sairah was transferred to Taiping and there was no news after that,”reported The Malaysian Insider.

How reliable is Anwar Ibrahim? Well, he is known for his good connections with the Jewish Lobby in the US through personal friendship and links to CIA-funded think tanks. In 2000, Malaysian politician Lim Kit Siang asked former prime minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad to declare the outcome of a three year police investigation into whether Anwar Ibrahim was a CIA operative. Anwar Ibrahim had been a good friend of the former US Secretary of Defense under Bill Clinton administration, William S. Cohen (1997-2001), son of a Russian Jewish immigrant Reuben Cohen.

No other Malaysian politician has forged such a relationship with individuals of the likes of Paul Wolfowitz, the former US Under Secretary of Defence and ex- President of the World Bank, who fervently believes that Israeli military dominance and power in the Middle East serves US interests. One of the principal advocates of the invasion and occupation of Iraq in furtherance of Israeli goals in the region, Wolfowitz was described by Anwar Ibrahim as his “great friend,” a person in whom he has “faith,” in a speech in the US on 19 June 2006.

It seems that now, Anwar Ibrahim may be trying to turn the tables on his old Zionist friends after being betrayed by Washington-based Zionist PR firm apco Worldwide, whose several directors are not only former Israeli high officials such as Shimon Shein, former Tel Aviv ambassador in Bonn, Itamar Rabinovich and former Tel Aviv ambassador in Washington. Its CEO in Israel Gad Ben-Ari was a personal adviser to former PM Rabin.

Speaking at the 2003 Organization of Islamic Countries  summit meeting in Malaysia in October 2003 – Malaysian prime minister Muhathir Mohamad, while urging Muslim youth to abandon suicide attacks and apply their faith to strive in science and technology – blamed Israel and its western allies for creating most of world’s crises and wars.

Malaysia is a multicultural, multiracial and multi-religion society ruled by a secular democratic government in which Muslims make a slight majority (60%). This makes easy for the Judeo-Christian foreign agents to incite communal clashes in Malaysia. Malaysia doesn’t recognize Israel. Israeli professor Benjamin Beit-Hallahmi in his book, The Israeli Connection, wrote about Zionists’ hatred toward the Muslim world and their support for anti-Muslim insurgencies and covert military and intelligence operations to destabilize Muslim countries especially those which don’t recognize the European Jewish occupation of Palestine. The book documents Tel Aviv’s involvement in the Iran-Contra fiasco, French genocide of Algerian Muslims, aiding Idi Amin and Ferdinand Marcos against Moro Muslim resistance, as well as collaboration with Chinese and Burmese genocide of Muslims in those countries. Currently the Israeli Mossad is very active in India where it carried out the 2008 Mumbai terrorist false-flag operation; in Afghanistan, in Lebanon, in Pakistan, in Indonesia, in Pakistan, in Iran, in Nigeria, in Somalia, in Malaysia and many other Muslim countries.

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  1. Malaysia also has some rather large gold fields and has around 40 tons of processed gold on hand, which is causing certain banksters in those ‘Too Big to Fail’ Wall Street casinos to drool, figuring out ways to get their grubby paws on that loot.


    Comment by greg bacon | March 17, 2014 | Reply

    • Sounds like a good reason to attack the Petronas Towers in the future, not saying immediate, maybe sometimes between 2018-2020, when the new, obviously Republican president will be all old school war like Dubya, and not the even more insidious but less damaging to americans (not America, the Nation-State itself though) drone war. Even the freemason logo can be made easily from below the bridge between the 2 Petronas Towers.

      And my guess is that there will be one final blow up of the largest Babel Tower wannabe Taj’ Mahal (sic) in the UAE, who’s geometry is perfectly aligned with that of the Georgia Guidestones. At least I secured enough morphine, hydromorphone, heroin, demerol and dihydrocodeine and oxycodone to die in an opiate sunshine than watch it all fall, something my too sensitive person could not endure. They do want to reduce the population massively, and it’s not going to be by using many nukes, the silver nitrate being sprayed in the skies since the late 50’s is to replace the ozone layer who would go poof in case of more than 4-5 modern nukes going off, killing us all through nuclear famine where things can’t grow. They calculated their things perfectly with those chemtrails, which are to protect the remaining humans once they decide to come out of their extremely cozy bunkers sometimes in the late 2020’s, which is where I expect shit to hit the fan, first the Petronas Towers, then the Taj’ Mahal that’s directly linked to the Georgia Guidestones, which serves as well, a guide that can survive a nuke in this kind of granit.

      What assures me I’m not in the plans of surviving such a third “911” is that those guidestones do not contain any French, so I assume france is to be erased, but I’m a french CANADIAN, the least likely country to be nuked, since our population doesn’t need any reduction and we have an insanely large territory second only to Russia, except Russia has a very large population, about 2/3 that of the US.


      Comment by Flynn | February 13, 2015 | Reply

  2. Reblogged this on Piazza della Carina.


    Comment by carinaragno | March 17, 2014 | Reply

  3. Reblogged this on AntiTerrorAthiest and commented:
    Another story that corroborates the Veterans today articles on the missing flight, Where VT asserts that Israel may be planning another false flag.


    Comment by AntiTerrorJewAtheist | March 18, 2014 | Reply

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