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Obama’s Ebola military operation raises concern in Africa

Press TV – September 17, 2014

The decision by US President Barack Obama to dispatch 3,000 troops to West Africa to fight the Ebola epidemic has sparked reactions in Liberia.

“We don’t need guns to protect us for now. What we need now is drugs. We need vaccine to curtail the spread of this virus. So it is unfortunate to hear that America is sending over 3,000 troops,” one Liberian citizen said.

“If it is an armed troop then I will start to question myself whether this virus can be fought by guns or so,” said another Liberian.

On Tuesday, Obama described the Ebola epidemic in West Africa as a threat to the entire world.

In an address from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention headquarters in Atlanta, Obama called the US effort to fight the virus being part of “the largest international response in the history of the CDC”

“This is an epidemic that is not just a threat to regional security. It’s a potential threat to global security, if these countries break down, if their economies break down, if people panic,” he said.

“That has profound effects on all of us, even if we are not directly contracting the disease,” he added. This outbreak is already “spiraling out of control.”

Earlier, the World Health Organization said the number of Ebola cases in West Africa could start doubling every three weeks and the crisis could end up costing nearly $1 billion to contain.

Ebola has claimed over 2,400 lives so far and nearly 5,000 people have been infected.

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  1. Why was the outbreak of a mosquito borne disease in Africa speculated about by The Independebt and The Guardian two years ago? This is not a natural outbreak of the disease.

    Comment by Ribeekah | September 17, 2014 | Reply

    • This ebola outbreak is reckoned to have been introduced to the human community through the consumption of carrion, Africans displaced by land grabbing biofuel producers resort to consumption of whatever is found rather than simply starving.

      Of course, it is possible that something even more nefarious is at work.

      Comment by aletho | September 18, 2014 | Reply

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