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Waxing Indignant Over 9/11 Truth

The video that YouTube took down can be seen here:

Video by B’Man’s Revolt.

Poem by DC Dave

Waxing Indignant Over 911 Truth

“How dare you!” they said;
What else can they say?
The facts of the case
Will not go away.

Skyscrapers came down
Like they were demolished.
The iron laws of physics
Were neatly abolished.

They fell straight and fast.
It’s never happened before
With fire as the cause.
What about the steel core?

To produce the effect
That we witnessed that day,
There had to be something
That sliced it away.

Five foreigners filmed it,
Some said gleefully,
But the cover-up master
Just let them go free.

One structure fell later,
Like a judgment from heaven.
Maybe God pulled it,
That large Building 7.

Of the many anomalies,
I’ve listed but few.
The string-pullers did
What they set out to do.

The war motivation
They feared that we lacked
Was duly provided
When we were “attacked.”

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  1. The facts of history point to a trend of why a “democratic” government elected by the people has an inordinate amount of classification information. Recent release of classified documents have borne conspiracy theories to be truth. Why should we not accept the theories surrounding 911 as truth. After all, as a result of 911, the government was able to pass laws that were strenuously objected and to overturn laws that guaranteed the freedom of the people. The United States Government used the actions of a few men to imprison millions and to turn the globe into a garrison with every other government labeling dissent, terrorism.

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    Comment by ribeekah | November 5, 2014 | Reply

  2. I am not sure as to how many were involved with the planes but a significant number were so, either the destruction of the Towers, were a collaboration of the CIA, or they were setup to do this work as so called terrorists, why? America, Britain, and Israel, needed a significant ploy, this is it, when you see people leaping out of windows you have to think how can this be so? the elite, such as Rothschilds, would see this as the unfolding of the Torah, would have no problem with killing, as all part of the Jewish, philosophy, the Jew who owned the building would be delighted.
    The American, government has no choice other than to be obedient to Israeli, interests.

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    Comment by donwreford | November 5, 2014 | Reply

  3. Sufficient evidence exists from the very extensive amount of investigation to bring indictments, make arrests and interrogate key suspects.

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    Comment by rediscover911com | May 29, 2015 | Reply

    • Absolutely……Anyone who believes the ‘official story’ of 9/11 should be classified as insane. It is absolute garbage.


      Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | September 26, 2017 | Reply

  4. How dare Ex-President Clinton deny the bleeding obvious? Don’t forget, he said, “I did not have sex with that woman, miss Lewinsky”, and yet his DNA was extracted from the white stain on her blue dress. I’m sure there are many other examples of his difficulty telling the truth.
    The Architects and Engineers(and Fire Fighters) of America have poured scorn on the official NIST report, so who is better qualified than them to express an opinion?
    And don’t forget, Billy Boy will be standing right behind Hillary, if enough Americans are silly enough to vote for her. You couldn’t trust either of them.
    Three buildings in one day, fell into their own footprint and one of them, Tower 7, sustained only very minor damage before if collapsed completely(steel supports and all, into it’s own footprint).
    9/11 was complete bullsh*t, and Billy Boy is lying AGAIN.


    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | April 16, 2016 | Reply



    A key resource for uncovering LBJ’s pro-Jewish activity is the unpublished 1989 doctoral thesis by University of Texas student Louis Gomolak, “Prologue: LBJ’s Foreign Affairs Background, 1908-1948.” Johnson’s activities were confirmed by other historians in interviews with his wife, family members and political associates.
    Research into Johnson’s personal history indicates that he inherited his concern for the Jewish people from his family. His aunt Jessie Johnson Hatcher, a major influence on LBJ, was a member of the Zionist Organization of America. According to Gomolak, Aunt Jessie had nurtured LBJ’s commitment to befriending Jews for 50 years.

    Johnson blocked the Eisenhower administration’s attempts to apply sanctions against Israel following the 1956 Sinai Campaign. “The indefatigable Johnson had never ceased pressure on the administration,” wrote I.L. “Si” Kenen, the head of AIPAC at the time. As Senate majority leader, Johnson consistently blocked the anti-Israel initiatives of his fellow Democrat, William Fulbright, the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Among Johnson’s closest advisers during this period were several strong pro-Israel advocates, including Benjamin Cohen (who 30 years earlier was the liaison between Supreme Court justice Louis Brandeis and Chaim Weizmann) and Abe Fortas, the legendary Washington “insider.”

    The crafting of UN Resolution 242 in November 1967 was done under Johnson’s scrutiny. The call for “secure and recognized boundaries” was critical. The American and British drafters of the resolution opposed Israel returning all the territories captured in the war. In September 1968, Johnson explained,

    “We are not the ones to say where other nations should draw lines between them that will assure each the greatest security. It is clear, however, that a return to the situation of 4 June 1967 will not bring peace. There must be secure and there must be recognized borders. Some such lines must be agreed to by the neighbors involved.”

    Goldberg later noted, “Resolution 242 in no way refers to Jerusalem, and this omission was deliberate.” This historic diplomacy was conducted under Johnson’s stewardship, as Goldberg related in oral history to the Johnson Library. “I must say for Johnson,” Goldberg stated. “He gave me great personal support.”

    Robert David Johnson, a professor of history at Brooklyn College, recently wrote in The New York Sun, Johnson’s policies stemmed more from personal concerns – his friendship with leading Zionists, his belief that America had a moral obligation to bolster Israeli security and his conception of Israel as a frontier land much like his home state of Texas. His personal concerns led him to intervene when he felt that the State or Defense departments had insufficiently appreciated Israel’s diplomatic or military needs.”

    President Johnson firmly pointed American policy in a pro-Israel direction. In a historical context, the American emergency airlift to Israel in 1973, the constant diplomatic support, the economic and military assistance and the strategic bonds between the two countries can all be credited to the seeds planted by LBJ.

    Lyndon Johnson’s maternal ancestors, the Huffmans, apparently migrated to Frederick, Maryland from Germany sometime in the mid-eighteenth century. Later they moved to Bourbon, Kentucky and eventually settled in Texas in the mid-to-late nineteenth century.

    According to Jewish law, if a person’s mother is Jewish, then that person is automatically Jewish, regardless of the father’s ethnicity or religion. The facts indicate that both of Lyndon Johnson’s great-grandparents, on the maternal side, were Jewish.
    These were the grandparents of Lyndon’s mother, Rebecca Baines. Their names were John S. Huffman and Mary Elizabeth Perrin. John Huffman’s mother was Suzanne Ament, a common Jewish name. Perrin is also a common Jewish name.
    Huffman and Perrin had a daughter, Ruth Ament Huffman, who married Joseph Baines and together they had a daughter, Rebekah Baines, Lyndon Johnson’s mother. The line of Jewish mothers can be traced back three generations in Lyndon Johnson’s family tree. There is little doubt that he was Jewish.



    Comment by Buddy Silver | September 26, 2017 | Reply

    • “Like”. There has never been a satisfactory explanation from the Government of the USA, accounting for their Treasonous actions in relation to the failure to come to the assistance of an American Naval vessel, under attack by Israel, in international waters in the Mediterranean Sea. Lots of Americans today still don’t even know it happened.
      The “attacks” on “9/11” are America’s last chance the “Clean out the Barn” or to “Drain the Swamp”. It shouldn’t be too difficult for, “The Most Powerful Nation on Earth”, Surely!


      Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | September 26, 2017 | Reply

  6. The video that YouTube took down can be seen here:

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    Comment by dcdave2u | April 14, 2022 | Reply

    • Thanks for that…..I wonder how long it will take to “Disappear” that Video…….?


      Comment by brianharryaustralia | April 14, 2022 | Reply

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