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Israel resumes building museum on Muslim cemetery

Ma’an – 10/12/2014

JERUSALEM – Israeli authorities have resumed excavations in Mamilla graveyard in West Jerusalem as part of the “Museum of Tolerance” project, a local committee said Tuesday.

The head of the Islamic cemeteries preservation committee, Mustafa Abu Zahra, said large machinery was placed in the cemetery. It poured reinforced concrete in preparation for the building of the structure of the museum.

Abu Zahra added that the structure is scheduled to be built over the “remains of icons, martyrs, grandparents and parents,” and he said that the project is being implemented by a California-based center in cooperation with the Jerusalem municipality and other Israeli departments.

The project was started by the Simon Wiesenthal Center in 2001, and 12 dunams of the cemetery ground were seized including 70 percent which was transformed into “Independence Park,” he explained.

Abu Zahra said that the construction was a grave assault on Muslim heritage and history.

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  1. Precisely, the erasure of every trace of Palestine’s Islamic past and historic monuments is a key feature of the Zionist project. They’re not content with genocide, they are engaged in what has been called “memoricide” as well. Not only do the Palestinian people not exist, they never did exist.

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