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When truth is outlawed (Sylvia Stolz speech)

December 29, 2014 - Posted by | Civil Liberties, Deception, Full Spectrum Dominance, Video | , ,


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  3. It’s time to liberate Germany…It’s time to liberate the world of wars perpetrated on bogus evidence and facts, and of imprisonment and torture (ie Guantanamo) on ‘obviousness’ (ie Palestinians) of imagined facts of uncountable numbers. When truth has fallen in the street the bloodflows are the facts and ambivalence is evidence. The Nuremberg Kangaroo Trials were just that…along with the GENOCIDE of Germans by the US and Allies as its evidence. It’s time to shut down this holohoax and bring to account with its facts the extortion in the multitudes that rest with the Jews and Israel as worshiped in their museums…and used for any hammer to silence the world. Bring to account the lies of Britain, France, and the US (not to forget the opportunist Stalin Russia)…which by the way is documented with facts as evidence.


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    • ps…thank you so much Alethonews. Blessings to you for the good news.


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