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UK Commits to Less Welfare, More Warfare

Michaela Whitton | ANTIMEDIA | July 16, 2015

What’s that noise? It’s the U.K. drums of war beating.

Less than a week after George Osborne’s emergency budget declared a war on young people, Britain suddenly has enough funds to re-consider a bombing campaign in Syria.

David Cameron visited U.K. drone base RAF Waddington on Monday, backing up his commitment to spend more on drones, spy planes, and special forces—which, according to the latest terror hysteria, is “vital in keeping us safe.”

The use of British drones began in Afghanistan in 2007.  More recently, drones and Tornado jets carried out over 70 strikes against Islamic State militants in Iraq, also providing support for the Iraqi army and Kurdish Peshmerga forces. So far in Syria, U.K.  drones have been limited to a surveillance role.

“As Prime Minister, I will always put the national security of our country first. That’s why it is right that we spend 2% of our GDP on defence because this investment helps to keep us safe. It has only been possible because of the difficult decisions we have made to ensure a strong and secure economy.” David Cameron said on Monday.

Let that sink in.

The difficult decisions he is referring to must be the £12 billion worth of welfare cuts, literally hounding Britain’s poor to death.

But do not despair, Cameron wants to make sure Britain is safe in a ”very dangerous and unstable world” and is convinced Islamic extremism is at the root of the problem. He plans to make sure Britain has the equipment to deal with the threat at “its source.” Oh no—not that old sketch! We are all familiar with Britain’s exemplary record of dealing with threats at the source, namely, the mass destruction in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan.

study produced by the RAND corporation clearly outlines that aerial interventions do nothing to stop terrorist organisations and are more likely to escalate conflict. Since when does dropping bombs make the world a safer place? The hypocrisy of Britain contemplating air strikes on Syria while arming countries like Saudi Arabia—the largest exporter of extremist ideology and mercenary fighters in the region—is mind blowing.

In messy, cruel wars that have no regard for civilian casualties, the West could be  engaging in diplomacy and humanitarian aid, working towards alleviating suffering on a longer term scale. Instead, the aim seems to be to get the public to buy the idea that dropping bombs on other sovereign countries will protect U.K. citizens from “terror.”

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  1. Could it be time to re-consider the status of the United Kingdom?
    From being social parliamentary democracy to an anti-social war-mongering terrorist supporting theocracy?

    At the beginning of the week we are told that the world has become a safer place by the reaching of an agreement between five world-powers (self-proclaimed world-powers, but that aside..) and the so-called world-wide threatening Iran on supposed nuclear weaponry on the part of Iran, never any substantiated evidence was produced to support the claim by the only nuclear weapons owning country in the region, i.e. the state of Israel, and then we are informed that the United Kingdom, a nuclear power, is going to participate in the bombing of a country already devastated by bombardments bigger then what have been thrown on Europe during WW2………. while the social support of youngsters as well as homeless people in the same United Kingdom is limited to less then minimum……..

    Are we seeing any social attitude here?
    I don’t, and with all good will of the world, I can not see or detect any social reason for this attitude also, the United Kingdom is socially speaking a mess, all over the United Kingdom people are confronted with higher prices of energy, higher prices of housing, an increase of crime, higher prices of transport, increase of food-prices, decrease of income, as well as pensioners being cut on their the money they saved for the time they are dismissed due to discriminatory company rules on age employment, and meanwhile the same United Kingdom has billions ready for bombing a country that, in all honesty, is both corrupt, governed by a bunch of people who see only profit, and were religious differences are the only reason for not wanting to live together….

    What’s wrong with the world?

    I do have got an answer to -that- question……… it’s rotten!

    But that is not the answer to the idiocy as to why the United Kingdom is willing, eagerly willing to take part in bombing Syria……….


    Comment by masteradrian | July 16, 2015 | Reply

  2. The UK “economy” is a Russian Doll of Ponzis supporting a Rentier Class of Old Landed “Gentry” and Nouveau Rich Global Robber Barons. UK families rich or poor subsidise it to the tune of GBP 3,500 per year: A GBP 100 Billion Ponzi Scam. Freemasonry keeps the Kyriarchy networked and paedophilia binds it together. How long before it all collapses?


    Comment by Dugoth | July 16, 2015 | Reply

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