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Nick Cohen wants us to forget the west uses chemical weapons

OffGuardian | September 13, 2015

Yesterday in the Guardian Nick Cohen could be found using his talents to shill for more lovely humanitarian war.

Nothing odd about that. The MSM almost always shills for war nowadays, and very few of its star columnists have a problem with writing queasy equivocations or faux moral outrage pieces in support of “western intervention.” It apparently doesn’t trouble their consciences at all. Nor do they feel in any way responsible for the subsequent mass slaughter of innocents that usually follows swiftly on. Maybe they are so deluded they really believe western air forces drop nothing but blankets for children. Who knows, or even much cares what their phony rationales might be. Cohen’s piece is largely just another one of these “won’t someone please do the right thing and murder more brown people,” hack pieces, but there’s a couple of things we should probably draw attention to. Namely:

On the one side was Bashar al-Assad, chief capo in a hereditary tyranny. He joined Saddam Hussein in becoming one of only two leaders to have used chemical weapons against civilians since the end of the Second World War.

Firstly, this article ignores the fact there is still absolutely no confirmed evidence Assad even has any chemical weapons left. Nor any confirmed evidence he ever used such weapons. Like the Russian invasion of Ukraine these pseudo-truths exist merely as assertions in the media, ‘verified’ by non-interrogation, rather than by supporting data.

But it’s the second assertion that really should get some kind of award for “most breathtaking use of a total falsehood in pursuit of state-sponsored murder”.

“… He joined Saddam Hussein in becoming one of only two leaders to have used chemical weapons against civilians since the end of the Second World War….”

What? Is Cohen saying Agent Orange wasn’t used against civilians by the US in Vietnam? White phosphorus (defined by the US Defense Dept as a ‘chemical weapon‘ since the first Gulf War) wasn’t used against civilians by the US in Fallujah? Or by Israel in Gaza?

If Cohen really doesn’t know about any of this then he’s not qualified to write in a paper of record. If he does know about all of this – then why is he pretending it didn’t happen? And why is the Guardian prepared to put its reputation behind letting him do it?

The hubris is incredible. How in the age of Google can these people continue to think their masterly word is going to be enough to make us all forget the inconvenient truths? Or is the frantic “Germans bayoneted Belgian babies” style of propaganda just more evidence that they know their latest bid to get us all to back war in Syria is another failure?

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  1. It’s quite obvious to this 51-year observer of the sordid criminal psychosis of Zionism that Zionism’s practitioners — Cohen and the mostly-Jews neocons — are always — always — bent on furthering the Zionist narrative and agenda that must demonize Arabs, Iranis and all Muslims in order to cover or provide distraction for their war crimes and crimes against the humanity that is the Palestinians. It’s manipulation, folks, and no one is better at it than the Zionists. “Christian” and assorted other stripes of Zionists, who are execrable enough in their own way (can one write Cheney?) are along for the ride and the wealth, duped in their own way as all the rest of us are duped.

    Palestine Is Still The Issue!


    Comment by roberthstiver | September 13, 2015 | Reply

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