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Iceland Counters US Military Claims of ‘Russian Flights’

Sputnik | 20.09.2015

Iceland’s foreign ministry countered US defense department claims that Russia has increased activity around the country and that it is interested in “military cooperation.”

The US government attempted to convince Iceland to accept a higher US military presence over what it called increased Russian military flights in the region, Icelandic media reported.

Iceland’s foreign ministry released figures showing that Russian military flights anywhere near the country’s airspace have actually decreased more than five times compared to 2007. None of the flights breached Icelandic airspace.

“The Russians have long done transit flights where they pass close by Iceland, but they’ve recently made several circumnavigation flights,” US deputy defense secretary Bob Work told DefenseNews earlier in September.

However, the US military’s claims do not match up with Iceland’s own figures, which show that Russia only made two flights anywhere near the country’s airspace in 2015.

“Iceland is interested in increasing military cooperation,” Work added.

Iceland’s foreign minister Gunnar Bragi Sveinsson countered, saying that interest in NATO air defenses in Iceland is coming entirely from the side of the US.

The US has recently increased its military involvement in Northern Europe, citing what deputy defense secretary Bob Work called “a resurgent Russia.”

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  1. Is this being Zionist-goosed by recent Icelandic moves to engage the BDS tool in protest of the relentless ZioIsraeli enterprise of incremental erasure of Palestine and its people from the “holy” land? Some sort of manufactured, vindictive warning fed to DoD by the ilk of AIPAC and duly parroted by DoD to demonstrate to the Icelanders (and other supporters of justice for Palestine) that “uppity” behavior directed at the “ultimate victim” Jews will not be tolerated?


    Comment by roberthstiver | September 20, 2015 | Reply

  2. This proves that the US War Machine is guilty of grand perjury, and statement made it, and it’s co-conspirators in congress, the white house, and corporate mass media; have no credibility. They are at the same time instigating what would most likely became thermal nuclear war.

    That long dreaded total catastrophe, which would also hit every nuclear power plant on Earth; sealing our fate to have brought about the extinction of all life on planet Earth. Making the science-fiction nightmares the worst awaking the world has ever seen.

    Orders issued to bring on this insanity, MUST be rejected an unlawful order. My oath was to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, domestic, and foreign. I see Obama as nuts, wars of aggression the ultimate crime, and is most certainly an unlawful order of the highest magnitude. And not a matter of opinion, but a matter of fact! The wanton violation of the Nuremberg Principles.

    Impeach Obama and his co-conspirators for high treason for being in violation of treaties in force, this depraved and fraudulent allegations spew forth from!

    Also, a US Army veteran of conscience and no fool after all I have seen, heard, and read. We do not have a lawful, nor truly representative government in the United States. We have an imperialist cabal hired as hit-men by a plutocracy of like-minded war criminals.


    Comment by Bill Mitchell | September 20, 2015 | Reply

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