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Extra 136,500 sonobuoys US wants pose threat to whales


RT | October 28, 2015

The US Navy continues to cover the oceans with tens of thousands of sonobuoys to monitor and detect submarine movement around the world. The DoD has allocated $178.5 million to buy an additional 136,000 sonobuoys.

About a meter-long, a typical sonobuoy device can be passive or active. The first type ‘listens’ to the noises produced by propellers of various kinds of vessels and pick out those made by a submarine. Active sonobuoys, sited in strategic points such as straits and harbors, can also sonar the water space around them to detect submarines.

The sonobuoys are usually positioned in designated areas from the air, typically by using SH-60F Seahawk helicopters.

“The United States Navy maintains a superior global Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) capability with the ability to detect, localize, identify, and track potential hostile submarines,” Global Security outlet said in 2011.

According to CNN, US sonobuoys are first and foremost aimed at tracking Russian submarines, over concerns they are “taking up positions near critical communication lines.”

Scientists say these sonar “intrusions” are proving deadly to marine wildlife, in particular whales. Sonar devices disrupt them and other sea mammals when nursing and feeding, which leads to injury or death of the animals who rely on sound to communicate and navigate, Elisa Allen, from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, told RT.

“Sonars can confuse and disorient them, terrify these animals,” Allen said. “Animals exposed to sonars have been known to rapidly change their depth in an attempt to escape the noise. This causes them to bleed from their ears and eyes,” she said, adding that whales and dolphins often beach themselves in their attempts to escape sonar.

The lucrative $178,565,050 contract has been granted to ERAPSCO, a defense contractor in Columbia City, Indiana. Five types of sonobuoys are set to be delivered by October 2017.

ERAPSCO, a joint venture between the Sparton corporation and Ultra Electronics, has been producing military grade sonobuoys capable of detecting and classifying manmade objects traveling underwater since 1987.

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  1. US imperialism has no limits! World War III perperations does not care about whipping out whales, any more, than people. Nuclear disarmament is not an issue, and neither is WW III, aside from prepositing WMD (weapons of mass distruction) to deliver a first-strike knockout.

    Nature, nothing will matter as much as being the sole-surviver, by way of a nuclear checkmate. That no counter-punch will be landed is dreaming, irregardless of who did it!

    Nuclear power plants are targetting as of now, worldwide. Understanding that Fukushima is basically poisoning the Pacific Ocean, and that hundreds of other plants will melt-down, if not hit by bombs, is immenately possible; and perhaps impossible to prevent without a revolution is thinking and immediate corrective action before it happens!

    ON The BEACH – Classic film on the aftermath of nuclear war that is art as it’s most meaningful, couragiously created and very effective in driving the point home. Please watch is, again even. But also share it as widely as possible. Runs one hour and 54 minutes:


    Comment by Bill Mitchell | October 29, 2015 | Reply

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