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Daily Shooter: 21st Century Wire report on San Bernadino


By James Tracy • 21st Century Wire • December 4, 2015

Another Daily Shooter event has taken place in San Bernardino, California. As we go to press, police marksmen appear to have shot-up a black SUV, with one suspect killed, one severely wounded [later pronounced dead] and another escaping on foot according to NBC News live coverage. It’s still unconfirmed whether the SUV passengers are actually the same men who were the original ‘active shooters’ at the original crime scene.

Earlier this afternoon at approximately 12pm PT, we’re told that 14 people were reported to have been killed and another 17 have been hospitalized with various injuries, after the 3 shooters are said to have opened fire with ‘long guns’ inside a conference venue, in the Inland Regional Center, a government-run disabled services office complex, located in San Bernardino. Police gave chase to suspects and claim that 3 assailants were masked (therefore could not be ID’d at the scene), heavily armed and possibly wearing body armor.

Made for TV

The later shoot-out was perfectly positioned for a Television News chopper to capture the drama unimpeded for national audiences, putting all the latest police military gear on display. Many hours after the initial event, Paramilitary Police units in armored MRAPs apparently shoot-up a black SUV, but it’s not known whether or not this was driven by one the original suspects, raising the possibility about whether the police have ‘accidentally’ shot-up the wrong vehicle. Despite the incredible media vantage point here, still no actual footage exists of the alleged deadly shoot-out other than a few photos seen afterwards, nor is there any footage of police removing the suspects dead bodies from the black SUV onto medical gurneys. […]

What happened to the CCTV footage of the shooters as they traveled into the parking lot, got out, and moved towards and throughout the building site? If past ‘Active Shooter’ drills are anything to go by, then it’s unlikely the public will be allowed to see any of this footage, unless it’s been heavily edited and supplied to the mainstream media. […]

Hard to Believe

We’re also old that many hours after the mass shooting incident, police miraculously track-down suspects in a black SUV only 1.5 miles from the original crime scene? Hard to believe, isn’t it?

The entire police case including its ability to pursue the black SUV with the alleged shooting suspects rests completely on a ‘police tip’ from one witness, a man named Glenn Willwerth, who we’re told owns a printing business, J&S Paper Southern, listed at 435 E Parkcenter Circle, San Bernardino, CA 92408 (oddly, this business has no website, only a Facebook page created on Sept 17, 2015), situated across the street from the Inland Regional Center. Willwerth said he saw the alleged shooters fleeing the initial scene in a black SUV, which police claim to have then followed back to the suspects’ residence before, incredibly, the suspects then headed back to the original scene of the crime many hours later.

The US media are already touting today’s event as, “the worst mass shooting since Sandy Hook in 2012.”

Following the take-down of the black SUV vehicle, tactical paramilitary police units escorting ATF and FBI agents then began performing armed, “door to door” searches of all homes in the vicinity of the SUV shooting scene.


The city of San Bernadino has been placed into lock-down, with closures of all schools, court houses and public buildings with all residents ordered to ‘shelter in place’. According to one local news affiliate anchor, “San Bernardino is now under Martial Law.” […]

UPDATE: A number of media outlets, including the Israeli-run website Vocativ, came out to declare the San Bernardino event an ‘ISIS attack on American soil’:

“ISIS extremists began celebrating the mass shooting in San Bernardino hours after the massacre, creating the hashtag #America_Burning as police hunted for as many as three shooters, Vocativ discovered. The Islamic State, however, did not take credit for the shootings in the ghoulish postings.”

If this theme gains traction this week, then it will certainly trigger an all-out right-wing political campaign to call for US troops on the ground in Syria and Iraq. The timing of today’s shooting and Britain’s historic ‘war vote’ today should not be underestimated as the two appear to be feeding into the exact same talking points and foreign policy directives. […]

Even as the suspects were being pursued, President Barack Obama took to CBS News in order to lay out his case for gun control in America. Normally the present wait until after the event has settled before inserting himself in the conversation, but today he broke that tradition – even though none of the facts were in at that time. It’s as if the President already knew what the final narrative would be.

As far as social fall-out and manipulation is concerned, this event successfully covers both sides of the American political paradigm. Thanks to this event and the media’s calculated coverage of it, left-wing social media users are calling for “Gun Control” (led by President Obama), while right-wing crowd is calling for, “More ‘boots on the ground’ in Syria, and Iraq”. … Full article with updates

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