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The Dangerous Cult of 9/11

By Elias Davidsson * | MUJCA

A new religious movement was born September 11th, 2001. This movement was conceived by the American government and comprises many members of the American and European elite, politicians, editors of mass and so-called alternative media, publishers and academics. The movement’s unifying faith is the legend of 9/11, namely that 19 Arab terrorists hijacked four airliners and flew these airliners into the known landmarks in a suicide operation. The legend of 9/11 is composed of a number of distinct beliefs. Here are ten of the most tenacious beliefs that unite cult members:

1. They believe that 4 young pilots who love money, alcohol and sex, could be convinced to kill themselves for a religious purpose.

2. They believe that four teams of four to five rather smallish men could subdue 40 to 80 passengers without using firearms and without raising the suspicion of the pilots.

3. They believe it is possible to subdue a pilot and co-pilot in their flight cabin before either can transmit a hijacking code, a verbal Mayday message, or raise the suspicion of the crew.

4. They believe a person who could hardly control a one-engine Cessna can fly a Boeing passenger airliner on instruments alone for more than an hour in a foreign country and crash this airliner at 500 mph into the side of a building 20 feet above ground.

5. They believe the capital of the United States, Washington, D.C. , is undefended against approaching unidentified aircraft.

6. They believe crashing aircraft can disintegrate, leaving no visible debris such as fuselage, wings, tail or engine.

7. They believe an airliner with 45 passengers can crash without leaving visible bodies and blood.

8. They believe debris from a crashing airplane can be found eight miles away.

9. They believe it is possible to induce a free-fall collapse of a skyscraper by hitting it with an airplane (even if the skyscraper was designed to withstand such a strike) and then letting the resulting fire bring it down.

10. They believe that 19 Arab terrorists actually boarded the four aircraft that crashed on 9/11.

Religious movements are generally peaceful, but this is not the case with the 9/11 Cult. The cult’s members control weapons of mass destruction and the information flow to the public. When such powers are concentrated in the hands of cult members who base their decisions on irrational and unsubstantiated beliefs, rather than on facts, everyone is in danger.

Members of this cult, no matter their status, fame or power, must be designated as madmen. It is important to secure the removal of such madmen from positions of influence and power as soon as possible, in order to give international peace and security a chance.

* Thanks to Barrie Zwicker (Canada) and Prof. David Ray Griffin (USA) for critical observations

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All Alone: US Tortures Children for ‘Excessive’ Number of Books

Sputnik – January 10, 2016

Despite a recent trend in the US to decrease the use of solitary confinement as a punishment for children, Nebraska, a state of almost 2 million people, considers the method appropriate and has applied it broadly.

Solitary confinement, as a form of torture, has been practiced in the US since the early 19th century but was later halted nationwide after reported negative psychological effects on children.

Human rights activists expressed concern over the trend as the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, Juan Mendez, said in 2011 that “even 15 days in solitary confinement constitutes torture or cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, and 15 days is the limit after which irreversible harmful psychological effects can occur.”

Mendez, the Argentinian human rights advocate tortured by local forces almost 50 years ago, called for an “absolute prohibition” on solitary confinement for children and those afflicted with mental illness.

Recent years have seen mounting reports of some states’ efforts to eliminate or at least reduce the significantly spread practice. Rikers Island, well known for its abuse-related practices with detainees, ruled out the use of solitary confinement for under-21s. The Pelican Bay State Prison based in California was slammed last year as its detainees filed a successful class lawsuit against the state for using prolonged solitary confinement system at the large scale.

Recommended to be used for no more than 240 minutes per day by the Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative, Nebraska officials appear to bypass the rules.

Constitutional rights violations and negative effects of solitary confinements for juveniles have never been considered enough by Nebraska officials to put an end the use of torture.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)-Nebraska discovered numerous reports of abuse in solitary confinements across different detention centers in the state and issued open records to get more information of the practice.

According to the ACLU, “a young Nebraskan’s experience with solitary confinement is completely arbitrary and dependent upon the facility in which he or she is placed.”

The Douglas County-based Correctional Youth Facility set records of having a detainee stayed for 90 days, whereas the usual maximum of stay for adults doesn’t exceed 15 days. A Madison County detention facility had at least one solitary sentence lasting 52 days.

The ACLU report explained the possible jaw-dropping consequences solitary confinement detainees might have.

“For adults, the effects can be persistent mental health problems, or worse, suicide. And for children, who are still developing and more vulnerable to irreparable harm, the risks of solitary are magnified — protracted isolation and solitary confinement can be permanently damaging, especially for those with mental illness.”

The punishment often excludes the child from attending educational classes or so from communicating with other children, further cutting their opportunity to develop and learn. Two instances of solitary confinement were prompted after it was found that the juveniles involved had an “excessive” number of books.

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Europe: Demoralized, invaded and violated

By Sam Gerrans | RT | January 9, 2016

While the liberal media is working on damage limitation as the fairy dust on its childlike delusions is blown away by the harsh winds of reality in places like Cologne, it is time for European nations to ask themselves whether they believe in their own right to exist.

Just because post-WWII European liberals have been culturally neutered doesn’t mean that the armies of young men pouring in from Arab countries and sub-Saharan Africa have been, too.

The liberals are in denial at the dissonance between their theses and actual reality, and engaged in damage limitation – or simply blaming the victims – to make up the shortfall.

But rape and pillage – such as we have seen across Europe – is what invading armies do. It’s what our invading armies do – why should anyone else’s be different?

The young men themselves understand exactly what’s going on, even if the fools around them do not.

Meanwhile, the poor white Europeans are so afraid of calling a thing by its proper name, it requires second generation immigrants to do it for them.

European demoralization

The idea popular – not least among liberal Europeans – is that Europeans’ influence in the world has been an unmitigated evil. Associated with this assumption is another assumption: that any instinct towards self-survival among members of European cultures is evil, too.

While it is true that Britain, for example, (along with other key European countries) had empires and some (perhaps much) of what those empires did was bad, none of that loot trickled down to the common man.

The reality is that Britain has been run by a banking cartel since the creation of the Bank of England, and its indigenous peoples have been mowed down in their millions in wars to fill the coffers of the rich. Untold numbers were also worked to death in fields and mines.

While that was the business model, the people were inculcated with a sense of ‘them and us’ – the clansman and the outsider – because it was useful to the rulers.

Now, the ingenuity and hard work of European men is no longer so much in demand. The known world has been conquered, and the banks own all of it apart from a few hold-outs – and those are currently being bombed. But the main job was pretty well done by the end of WWII.

At that point, a new doctrine was handed down. Under this doctrine, Europeans no longer have any business being tribes. Wars, naturally, were not the fault of the banking oligarchy which now owned the entire world thanks in the main to the labors and gullibility of Europeans. No, wars were the fault of the European peoples themselves.

So, rather than peoples falling neatly into friends and foes as they had before, the world was Dale Carnegie-ized.

The Newthink dictated that if you simply refused to acknowledge any sort of differences between your group and anyone else’s long enough, you could ‘Make Friends And Influence People’ until the world was a big, happy smorgasbord – all holding hands round a tree, singing Kumbaya and sharing a Coke and a smile.

This, in essence, is what liberals believe. They think that if you pretend what you want to be the case is the case long enough, the lion will lie down with the lamb, and they will enjoy a nice vegetarian nut roast together.

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Warm and cuddly and gooey. A bit like the denouement of a saccharin chick-flick.

But it has a problem. And that problem is that it is complete nonsense.

Even our rulers have to admit this, because every now and then they – via their owned media – fire us up with nationalism in bursts whenever there’s a need for a quick (or not-so-quick) genocide somewhere to take down a country, install a compliant central bank, and get that country back to handing its assets over to the banks rather than to its own people. Then tribalism is fine.

Limited tribalism during the World Cup is also fine since it gives the males a chance to work off their instinct to protect their own – in a loud yet managed, sterile and futile way.

But the rest of the time, if you so much as notice differences between you and any other group, political correctness will leave you a social pariah – or, increasingly, lose you your job or send you to prison.

What this means – to go back to the lion and lamb motif – is that you are now the lamb, and any teeth you had have been removed, and you secretly went vegan after reading some books Deepak Chopra lent you.

And now as you snuggle up next to the lion your entire survival strategy is predicated on the lion having read the same books and feeling the same way about what he read as you do.

European invasion

If I want to go to New Zealand, for example, there is a process. Quite a strict one. And if I turn up in that country without the correct documentation, then I will not be getting in.

But not so in Europe. At least not now. And not for certain people.

There are genuine asylum seekers in the world. And there is a process for assessing them.

But that is not what is happening here. What is happening, is that the European nations themselves are being kettled by their own governments’ policies and occupied by gangs of unknown young men, many of whom have simply joined the bandwagon because the word is out that the Europeans have lost the will to fight.

But porous borders and financial support when you get in do not extend to everyone.

Almost 18,000 British citizens are denied access annually for their spouse to join them in the UK by the government if that spouse comes from outside the EU.

So this ‘compassion’ is extremely selective.

The laws of legal physics have been magically suspended. And the governments – whose primary duty and justification for existing in the first place – is to maintain the integrity of a nation’s borders are, seemingly, helpless.

I don’t need mainstream media to explain to me what I can see happening. Any time I see an army of young men marching into a foreign country in the face of supine, defeated troops who have lost the will or the wit to fight for those people who pay their wages, then I know what is happening: an invasion is taking place.

As usual, the justification for this insanity is the very ‘compassion’ which has become both de rigour and legally enforceable in all countries where noticeable numbers of Europeans reside – but nowhere else, it seems.

Our leaders have no scruples about murdering a million Iraqis or bombing Fallujah with phosphorous bombs or providing media and financial support for the eradication of the Palestinians, but now – all of a sudden – we are told to be squeamish: the doors simply must not be closed; we have to help.

This new-found compassion and glaring contradiction should tell you everything you need to know: the fix is in. Europe is slated to be ethnically cleansed.

No-one voted for this. Few people want it. Yet everyone has to pay for it. And until the governments do their duty and protect their nations from invasion, it is beyond me why there isn’t a tax revolt.

The wars against Syria and Iraq are criminal. And so is the dereliction of basic duty of the European governments to maintain the integrity of our borders.

And those who are the decision-makers in both scenarios are marching to a drum none of us have any part in beating.

Thus, we are living under a tyranny. So let’s just admit as much.

Liberal insanity

Politically correct liberal insistence upon things being – in fact – how some in socialist think tanks might wish them to be has gone beyond the point of tolerable insanity; it has the aspect of a death wish; of an enforced, self-service, pay-as-you-go ethnic cleansing of Europe’s indigenous peoples. And no amount of pleading the compassion card is going to diffuse this reality.

If we are looking for causes of the crimes against Syria and Iraq, they are to be found in the nature and acceptance of usury, and the policies of think tanks designed to further the interests of a very few people.

The vast majority of European peoples did not create either problem. They certainly do not benefit from them. There is no reason why they should pay for them.

My nation’s forebears laid down their lives in their millions to defend their land. I do not believe I am alone in regarding as pernicious, criminal, treacherous and evil that collusion between politics, education, media and business which treats any instinct for survival among indigenous European peoples as a disposable and distasteful commodity.

Voices of reason are coming to the fore – from Hungary and Slovakia, for example.

We should listen to them.


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Tel Aviv Attacker Executed by Security Forces; Targeted Shin Bet Agent; Father Was Palestinian Collaborator

By Richard Silverstein | Tikun Olam | January 8, 2016

Today, the inevitable happened. Nasha’at Milhem, who had attacked a Tel Aviv bar last Friday and killed three Israelis, was himself murdered by security forces. I say “executed,” because this has become standard policy with all Palestinians suspected of lifting even a pinkie finger against Israelis. They are almost all “put down” like mad dogs. Because they’re Palestinian. Not worthy of being treated like human beings. I even predicted his liquidation here:

“There can be no doubt that Milhem will not be apprehended alive. Israel’s security services specialize in confronting Palestinian militants dedicated to going out in a blaze of resistance and glory. They are inevitably killed after being asked to surrender and then responding with a hail of bullets, to which security forces had no choice but to respond, killing the suspect in the process.”

nasha'at milhem executed

Note planted weapon placed near Milhem’s body

The standard narrative offered by the security apparatus is that the terrorists seek to die in a hail of bullets like the conventional Hollywood mob movie. Here’s Haaretz’s bogus version:

Nashat Melhem, the suspected gunman behind the Tel Aviv shooting last week, was shot dead in a firefight with police forces in his hometown of Arara in northern Israel on Friday.

nasha'at milhem

Milhem, sought to avenge his father’s collaboration with Shin Bet by assassination of his handler

Why would a reporter merely transcribe a claim like this in their report? Did they examine the scene to determine whether there was a firefight? Did Milhem fire any bullets at anyone? As usual, even the supposedly liberal champion Haaretz swallows the security narrative hook, line and sinker.

My take: nope, no firefight. Just an outright liquidation of terror vermin, as Israeli police and Shin Bet commanders see it. Though I object generally to terror porn, I’m displaying a picture of his corpse because I want to show the effrontery of the security forces who I am almost certain planted a weapon next to Milhem’s body. An image of the murder scene from a different angle shows a second pistol of some kind (or a separate part of the weapon lying by his side) in his hand. This is no different from the scores of cases in which they planted knives next to the bodies of Palestinians murdered by the same Israeli executioner-security forces.

mohammed milhem ruimi funeral

Mourners at funeral of Ruimi. Pixellated face is that of “Shin,” Shin Bet agent who “ran” Mohammed Milhem, and who was Nata’ash’s intended target.

Compare this to the treatment accorded the settler terror conspirators. They murdered an 18 month-old baby, his mother and father. Were they executed when apprehended? Were their families’ homes torn down in retribution as regularly happens with Palestinian suspects (surely, the Milhem home will be demolished if it hasn’t been already)? No, none of this happened. Further, one of the murderers, a Jewish Shin Bet collaborator, betrayed his handler and refused to reveal the plot. He was at the scene of the crime and a willing participant. He, Israel Keller, has been released from detention and likely will remain uncharged because to do so would embarrass the Shin Bet.

Justice is blind, as far as Jewish terror is concerned. Palestinian terror? Justice has 20-20 vision.

But there is a larger story here as well. Israel was rife with rumors sweeping social media that Milhem himself was a Shin Bet collaborator who deliberately killed one of the victims, Shimon Ruimi, who was supposedly a Shin Bet agent or even his handler. These rumors seemed quite promising, and the half-baked story offered by the authorities seemed unconvincing.

But my regular security source clammed up when asked for comment. So I couldn’t post anything definitive about the incident. Now, I can. My source reveals:

“Nash’aat’s father, Muhammad, was/is a Shabak collaborator, and that’s why he got a licence for a gun – a very rare thing for an Arab citizen. One of his handlers was “Shin” (‘ש), a close friend of Shimon Ruimi. Muhammad is now being interrogated by Shabak, suspected of involvement in an apparent plot (possibly ISIS-inspired) to assassinate “Shin” who was in the TA pub with several friends, celebrating the birthday of one of them. Nash’aat used his father’s gun to fire at the pub trying to hit “Shin”, but missed and killed his friend (Ruimi) and another man (who worked in the pub). No other details are available, and it’s still unclear why he later murdered the Arab taxi driver.”

As I’m quoting my source, I’ll add my own qualifications of his statement. I don’t understand why the son of the collaborator would be the one to exact revenge, unless he was ashamed of his father’s spying on behalf of the Shin Bet and sought redemption through this attack. I’m also leery about crediting any outside force for the attack or even for inspiring the attack. It seems too convenient to link ISIS to the attack. It follows the standard Likudist narrative that Israel is a gentle creature swimming in a sea of Islamist piranhas.

As I’ve written here numerous times, Palestinians have all too many legitimate domestic grievances and too much suffering to explain their taking up arms against a sea of troubles, aka Israel. Bringing in external factors merely confuses things, which is what the Israeli regime wants.

NOTE: Please read my new Mint Press article revealing Shin Bet’s abject failure to stop Duma murders, State Department’s Silence Deafening After U.S. Citizens Engage In Israeli Settler Violence

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Although 2016 looks bleak for Gaza, there is a chink of light

By Dr Daud Abdullah | MEMO | January 5, 2016

Throughout the whole of 2015 the Rafah Crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt was open for just 21 days. On 31 December, the Egyptian authorities opened the border to deliver the corpse of a 28 year-old mentally-ill Palestinian, Ishaq Khalil Hassan, who was shot in full view of the cameras after he had strayed into Egyptian waters while swimming in the Mediterranean. As the Israeli-led — and Egyptian-backed — blockade of Gaza enters its tenth year, there is little hope that the Rafah Crossing will be opened for any meaningful number of days in 2016.

In fact, a combination of domestic and external factors are likely to continue to prevent an early end to the siege. The cold-blooded killing of Hassan by the Egyptian army in late December was indicative of a hardening of Cairo’s attitudes toward the Palestinians in Gaza. As a result, many more will pay with their lives, either through being denied unrestricted passage through Rafah to get essential medical treatment, or by attempting to smuggle basic needs through the tunnels once described as Gaza’s “lifeline”; or by falling victim to Israeli or Egyptian state violence.

For now, there is no shortage of excuses for keeping the Rafah Crossing closed; the usual excuse given to the Palestinians is that the security situation in north Sinai necessitates the closure. While it is true that there is a deadly insurgency in the Sinai which is taxing the resources of the Egyptian security forces and needs a massive political effort to resolve, that does not justify the demonisation and extrajudicial killing of Palestinians.

It has not gone unnoticed that on every occasion that the crossing was open last year there was a major security incident on the Egyptian side of the border. Coincidence? Perhaps, or maybe such incidents were planned in order to provide the Egyptian authorities with an excuse to keep Rafah closed. We will probably never know.

Israel’s role in prolonging Gaza’s humanitarian ordeal, however, is far more clear-cut. Soon after Hamas was elected to run the Palestinian Authority in January 2006 the Israelis imposed economic sanctions against the enclave. At the time, Dov Weisglass, an advisor to the then Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, said, “The idea is to put the Palestinians on a diet, but not to make them die of hunger.”

The following year, Israel declared Gaza to be a “hostile entity” and tightened further its sanctions regime. By adopting this designation, the Israeli cabinet had in effect voted to keep Gaza under a permanent state of siege.

Repeated calls by world leaders, including UN chief Ban Ki-moon, to end the blockade have all fallen on deaf ears. In 2010, Mr Ban condemned the blockade, saying that it caused “unacceptable sufferings.” Today, international aid agencies have confirmed that 80 per cent of Gaza’s inhabitants are aid dependent because of unemployment and poverty created by the Israeli siege.

It has now become abundantly clear that the aims of the blockade have gone well beyond the near-starvation proposed by Weisglass; it has been extended to ensure that young Palestinians in Gaza are even denied the basic right to an education. According to the Palestinian ministry of education, the blockade is currently impeding the building of 55 schools in the territory.

Internally, political analysts and observers in Gaza don’t expect 2016 to be any better than last year. There is a general sense among most that without a resolution of the differences between the two main factions, Fatah and Hamas, things will not improve. Perhaps the most intractable factor in this dossier is who controls the Rafah Crossing.

This week, a new formula has been proposed by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), Islamic Jihad and other factions to resolve the issue. It suggests the appointment of an independent body of technocrats to oversee the border with the reappointment of those Fatah officials who were removed when Hamas took over the territory in 2007. At the same time, it stipulates that those officials employed by Hamas should retain their positions. An agreement on this formula between Fatah and Hamas could pull the rug from under the feet of the Egyptian government and nudge it to reopen the crossing.

Another ray of hope comes from the ongoing talks between Turkey and Israel, both of whom have now decided to normalise relations. While Israel has agreed to some of the Turkish conditions —notably an apology for the Freedom Flotilla attack in 2010 and compensation for the victims’ families — one condition remains hanging in the balance: Ankara’s demand for an end to the blockade of Gaza. As it has done so many times in the past, Israel has agreed to an “easing” of the restrictions but, as before, it has not actually defined what that means. If past experience is anything to go by, it means very little.

Sources close to the talks, though, have told MEMO that Turkey has proposed the construction of a sea port in Gaza and offered to administer it. So far Benjamin Netanyahu and his government remain implacably opposed to this. Nevertheless, although it will be a bitter pill to swallow it may actually be the best face-saving device for the Israelis to accept. After all, Israeli commentators and intelligence officials alike have realised that instead of weakening Hamas the blockade has strengthened the movement.

While it is hard to imagine a year worse than 2015, Gaza is caught in a downward spiral from which it will be difficult to escape. However, this Turkish proposal provides a chink of light that, with goodwill, could lead to 2016 not being as bad as last year after all. Some courageous steps are needed to make it work, but it is possible. to 2016 not being as bad as last year after all. Some courageous steps are needed to make it work, but it is possible.

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