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Testimony of one of the latest attacks against Gaza’s fishermen

International Solidarity Movement | June 12, 2016

Gaza Strip, occupied Palestine – Last Wednesday Rajab Khaled Abu Riela, 30 years old, his brother and two cousins left Gaza’s port at 12 pm. They stayed out fishing until 1:30 am. “When we started our way back to the port one Israeli warship approached, the soldiers started insulting us through the microphone and immediately after started shooting against our two small boats with live ammunition”. “Then their warship crashed against us. In that moment I decided to try to escape, but I was immediately shot in the leg with live ammunition”. They took Rajab and his brother to Ashdod port, where they wouldn’t give him any medicine or treatment for the injury he sustained by the Israeli forces. “I was left bleeding until 9:30am”. Finally they were sent back to Gaza, where an ambulance took him directly from Erez border to the hospital, where he had to undergo surgery.

When he finally reached Shifa Hospital, doctors managed to remove the biggest pieces of the bullet – but many small pieces still remain in his leg.

Rajab's mother shows the bullet removed from his leg

Rajab’s mother shows the bullet removed from his leg

“Our future [for the fishermen] is uncertain; we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Israel assaults us every day, takes our boats, shoots at us… Since 2005 I have pain in my chest due to an attack of the occupation, and as well my brother was injured while fishing in 2008. I’m responsible for providing for my family, we are 21 members… Now no one is providing for us, as I’m injured and they took our boat and motor. How I can work now without a boat?”

Rajab after the surgery

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  1. God damn the Zioentity so-called Israel. God damn the world for allowing the Ziobastards to do their demonic, criminally psychotic activity without impunity and often even rewarding such activity — e.g., “mowing the grass” in Gaza w/the U.S applauding and even expediting more money to fuel the state terror; the current WEOG nomination of the Zioentity to chair the committee that advises the UNGA on legal matters! Imagine: the psychotic criminal in charge of the asylum!

    Viva Palestine! Persevere, Rajab Khaled Abu Riela and your family!


    Comment by roberthstiver | June 12, 2016 | Reply

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