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Human Rights Watch Ranked Among Least Transparent Think Tanks

teleSUR | June 29, 2016

A handful of U.S. think tanks are ranked among the least transparent in terms of financial disclosure.

Human Rights Watch is ranked among one of the least transparent research groups in the United States, according to Transparify’s 2016 think tank transparency report, which details the levels of financial disclosure of 200 think tanks located in 47 countries worldwide.

The survey, conducted by a small nonprofit group gave the Human Rights Watch group a two-star rating—a score that means that all or many donors are listed, but little or no financial information is included—for the third year in year in a row.

“The number of organizations who still consider it acceptable to take money from hidden hands behind closed doors is rapidly dwindling. They are running out of excuses,” said Dr. Hans Gutbrod, executive director of Transparify.

Transparify’s researchers found that only 102 of the think tanks assessed remain opaque, down from 144 four years ago.

Nevertheless, many major groups in the United States received low scores including American Enterprise Institute along with the Hoover Institution, which both received a one-star grade, meaning “that some donors are listed, but not exhaustive or systematic.”

In the United States, think tanks have come to occupy a prominent place in the development of public policy, with their reports being widely distributed among lawmakers in order to support legislative initiatives, according Transparify’s annotated bibliography.

“Government representatives are reportedly utilizing think tanks’ research outputs more often than they use the Congressional Research Service,” Transparify noted.

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  1. Think Tanks, another case of big money influencing public perception and telling government what to do. And of course, their ideas are immediately conveyed to the people by ‘presstitutes’ in the Media.

    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | July 9, 2016 | Reply

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