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Clinton’s ‘Absurd’ Hacking Accusations Based on Emotions – Kremlin

Sputnik — 01.08.2016

US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s statements on Russia’s alleged involvement in the Democratic Party hacking scandal are “absurd” and based on emotions, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Monday.

“Such statement by Mrs. Clinton are part of the pre-election rhetoric and do not include any specifics, because, of course, accusing Russian hackers of certain actions is not the same thing as accusing Russia’s leadership or government. Statements that Russia is behind the actions of certain hackers are quite absurd as well, because Russia is a country,” Peskov said.

“Accordingly, there are no specifics in her accusations. Therefore we believe that they are of an emotional character. Of course, Russian government agencies are not, have not and will never be involved in cyberterrorism,” he underlined.

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  1. Who would spy (hack) emails and leave ‘evidence’ pointing to Russia? Israeli Mossad–that’s who.

    Who would benefit from pitting Russia against the United States? Israel–that’s who.

    Comment by rediscover911com | August 1, 2016 | Reply

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