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Professor William I. Robinson defending academic freedom and free speech

August 24, 2014

Ted Asregadoo speaks to Professor William I. Robinson about his six-month ordeal defending his right to academic freedom and free speech against a coalition of groups that comprise part of the Israel

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  1. Everywhere you look in the USA government, and America society generally, you see Zionist/Neocon’s in positions of great power, and exercising that power in Israel’s interest, and to the detriment of the USA and the American people. There doesn’t seem to be anyone at(or near) the top of the American hierarchy, actually putting the USA’s interests before Israel’s. It’s weird.
    When AIPAC have more power than the US Congress via the “Lobbying” process, it seems that America’s so called “Democracy” is merely a ‘front’ to appease the American voters. The “world’s most powerful nation” is asleep at the wheel.

    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | August 25, 2016 | Reply

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