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NIST finally admits free fall of WTC7


David Chandler, physics teacher and member of AE9/11 Truth describes the journey toward NIST’s public admission that their initial calculations were incorrect and that WTC7’s first eight floors did descend at free-fall speed.

This concession by NIST (see section 11) raises many additional questions about the plausibility of the fire-induced progressive failure explanation for WTC7’s collapse that NIST published in 2008.

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  1. No matter which way you look at “9/11” the ‘official explanation’ is riddled with questions which haven’t/can’t be explained by the NIST report.
    The freefall into the building’s footprints, the pulverisation of ALL the concrete into chocking dust, the molten ‘lava’ from gigantic steel girders that don’t melt at the temperature reached by burning ‘Avgas'(Kerosine), the removal of the destroyed evidence IMMEDIATELY after the destruction, the on air admittance by Larry Silverstein that the Firemen decided to “PULL” the building(even though the Firemen have since stated that THEY have NO EXPERTISE in ‘pulling’ a building)….”PULL” being the term used to describe controlled demolition…….
    NORAD was ‘asleep’?
    The 5 dancing Israeli’s who were arrested, and later sent back to Israel, while a number of Arabs were incarcerated in Gitmo?
    Not one dead “passenger” at the crash site in Pennsylvania?
    No jet engine parts at the Pentagon attack site?
    Video evidence still not released by the authorities because it is “classified”?
    Arab passports found near the Twin Towers site, while EVERYTHING else was totally destroyed?
    There are SO MANY other unanswered questions, but even the President of the USA refuses to have an independent investigation into what amounts to TREASON by America’s ruling elite/Congress etc.
    The USA is now totally in the clutches of the “people” who attacked America, from “WITHIN” and the President, and the American Defence establishment(The Pentagon) and the Congress, remain “MUTE”????????????????(other than to meekly accept NIST)

    Comment by Brian Harry, Australia | September 15, 2016 | Reply

  2. Great, needed post; thanks. Brian, you recap well the questions any objective, honest investigator(s) would have asked, demanding answers no matter the consequence. I’ve always been particularly drawn to your “Not one dead “passenger” at the crash site in Pennsylvania?” While not having done diligent research, I ask sub-questions: where are the photographs of bodies or parts of bodies? Where is the physical/forensic evidence? Were relatives of the purported “passengers” on that flight able to identify and properly bury their loved ones to their satisfaction?

    I have no — zero — confidence that a thorough, transparent, credible investigation, findings, and conclusion will ever take place.

    Comment by roberthstiver | September 15, 2016 | Reply

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