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Israel to build touristic park on Mount of Azzeitun in Jerusalem


Mount of Azzeitun
Palestine Information Center – February 25, 2107

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM – The Israeli municipal authority in Occupied Jerusalem plans to seize a large tract of Palestinian land on Mount of Azzeitun (Olives) to carry out development of a touristic park.

According to a report published by Iroshalim newspaper, a master plan for the park was submitted recently to the district planning and building committee in Occupied Jerusalem to obtain approval.

The local residents in Azzeitun area, however, are deprived of using the land where the park project would take place for building homes or establishing projects for their own benefit.

The new project will be 6.3 kilometers long and extend to the Hebrew University on al-Masharif (Scopus) Mount.

It will overlook the Old City of Jerusalem and include roads, bistros, public toilets, an information center, a souvenir store, a parking lot and other structures.

Israel seeks to carry out many Judaization plans in Jerusalem as part of its effort to change the historical Arab character and identity of the city.

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  1. In this most documented City called Jerusalem with what is mentioned about in building on this if i might say of a holy land to build a tourist attraction park of what the intrests of design and artifacts that will be included in structured and displayed, if the scene and the scenery of this tourist park is errected and built resembling the years of ancient times and this park is being considered for profit to come from the tourist that visit the park if this is of why the park is being considered to be built and the proceeds of money that is made goes in consideration of the

    Comment by donnamccoy628 | February 25, 2017 | Reply

    • Ancestor of the people in the time of ancient history of Jerusalem and the churches and financial medical support given to hospitals and to aid the people and their children that are less unfortunate people in all kinds of hardship situations that live on or in the surrounding towns of this promise land this would be a remarkable idea for this park to be acknowledged and known for – If this tourist park i think and give my thoughts about is being considered to be built for other reasons my sincere comment is to leave the natural view of this land as it remains to be viewed in today’s day in time.

      Comment by donnamccoy628 | February 25, 2017 | Reply

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